League of Gamers iOS Mod 1.4.19 (Money/Free Shopping)

NameLeague of Gamers
Install Original android iphone

League of Gamers: Be an Esports Legend! Idle Game is a fun clicking game. Here, the action takes place in your apartment, where your main goal is to play a MOBA game. Click the screen as often as possible to earn money.

Choose your character’s appearance and nickname and get to work right away. The more coins you have, the more improvements you can make. Buy and upgrade your computer equipment (mouse, device, keyboard, etc.), improve your weapons in the game, earn more experience, buy new gamers, teammates and improve skills of existing people.

League of Gamers

Compete with other players for speed. The winner is the one who gets to the finish line faster. Use pinch-click when available. In addition, it and other bonuses can be purchased with real money, but for this there is a mod with a lot of money, which will become a means for you to improve everything at once for free.

League of Gamers has tournaments. Compete with other players, show the best possible results and get corresponding rewards. Buy a variety of boosts if you need to significantly increase your income in a short time.

League of Gamers Mod

Use the game eraser function to earn a unique resource – prestige. Without it, you won’t be able to buy more powerful computers that will immediately give you a bonus of two or three times your earnings per click. Analyze your stats all the time, improve your results and multiply your already big earnings.

As you can see, you can play through the game in different ways. Do you think if it was a clicker, everything would be boring and cliché? Even the graphics in such a game recede into the background or even into the background.

Download ( V1.4.19 )
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