Legendary: Game of Heroes iOS Mod 3.15.1 (Money/Damage)

NameLegendary: Game of Heroes
Install Original android iphone

A unique game called Legendary: Game of Heroes with maps known to many players. The highlight of the project is the presence of a plot. The plot itself promises to be very entertaining and will surprise players with its simple, enjoyable passages.

What is Legendary: Game of Heroes?

Legendary: Game of Heroes is a game with colorful cartoon graphics and easy controls. The game consists of a combination of card duels and classic match-3 style, where you need to connect three identical blocks, then they disappear and give you bonus points.

Legendary : Game of Heroes

To defeat your opponents, you will have to collect unique cards with powerful heroes or terrible monsters. Each card has its own special characteristics and special skills, which can become a powerful advantage in a match against real players, and lead to quick defeat if the opponent’s card covers it. Friend.

Features and Story

The plot of the game Legendary: Game of Heroes takes place in a magical world divided by the war between brave heroes and terrible monsters. Different factions fight each other for power and resources, using powerful magic and countless armies.

In this amazing practice, your game matches will be against the computer or other players who also collect cards for their collection. By matching three of the same blocks, you can earn a lot of points, which will then help you perform a powerful combo attack to destroy the enemies.

Legendary : Game of Heroes Mod

There are more than 100 unique fighters from different types of heroes with special unique abilities. If you don’t want to play for a team of heroes and cooperate with other players, you can fight alone, gathering a squad of evil monsters. As you level up your account you will have more awesome cards with powerful fighting techniques available. The money mod will provide an unlimited amount of game currency that can be used for various goods in the store.

Version gameplay

From the very beginning, each of you will get acquainted with the basics of the game during training, and then you will have to be smart and think soberly at each stage of it.

Before you get the cards of different suits and different denominations, players will need to connect different cards. That’s not all, because each card has its own characteristics and abilities that I may play into your hand in the future.

There is also a PVP mode where the player will fight against his alive opponent and win with the help of skills, game skills. Agree that it is much more fun to play with real people. So download this game faster and win.

Download ( V3.15.1 )
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