Lunar Pioneer iOS Mod 2.10.27 (Unlimited Resources/Diamonds)

Install Original android iphone

Lunar Pioneer is a fun arcade game with colorful 2D graphics and an awesome soundtrack. A group of astronauts with great ambitions are set to travel through endless space and explore uncharted planets in search of precious resources.

Lunar Pioneer

The gameplay is extremely simple: fly to the planet, explore the area, find available resources and start quickly building factories to extract minerals or oil. Mining resources can be sold on the space market and accumulate coins to buy the latest equipment.

The plot of the game Lunar Pioneer takes place in the world of the near future when humanity develops space technology and learns to build ships to fly to other star systems and take long journeys in space. This has created endless opportunities for rich corporations to expand their business to other worlds in the form of exploiting useful resources from found planets. In search of new sources of raw materials, a team of experienced astronauts was sent, trained not only to live in space but also to drill the surfaces of planets to extract oil and valuable minerals. is different.

Lunar Pioneer Mod

After finding oil or other resources, the player needs to quickly build a base at the given location and provide their workers with everything they need: solar panels to provide electricity, greenhouses growing food, a living area for employees, entertaining and relaxing after a working day. Being able to visit the Moon and Mars were the first available worlds to explore. The mod for a lot of diamonds and money will give the player loads of in-game currency to buy for free in the internal store and build a development base instantly.

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