Monster Killer Pro Mod (Free/Unlimited Money)

SizeNovember 23, 2021
Install Original android iphone

Monster Killer Pro is the era of the mysterious Jack the Ripper, the famous serial killer of women. In addition to him, there are enough monsters on the streets of the UK capital. They leave (or crawl) from shelters at night to lie down and wait for their victims. Commoners cannot stand against the evil force on their own, and the police are also powerless. The only hope is a superhero. By day he is an ordinary person. Live your own life, work. In the evening, returning home, he did not rest on the sofa, but changed into a set of clothes, went out to “hunt”.

Monster Killer Pro

A superhero will start his way by catching little crooks. They robbed passers-by, broke into shops, disrupted order in every possible way. To catch the bandits, the hero needs to arm himself. You can carry a variety of weapons with you. For experience received and completed quests, new skills will open up and old skills can be improved.

Hack Monster Killer Pro

The camera in the game is located at the top, giving a full view of what is happening. Several locations, a fascinating storyline, and new events every day will not let you get bored. The enemies are also different – ​​in addition to the little crooks, there are real geniuses of the underworld who dream of conquering the world. Only a superhero can save London, you need to challenge all the enemies and defeat them.