Move People (Mod Unlimited Money) V1.62

NameMove People
Install Original android iphone

Move People is a game that gives you the chance to get a little divorce. In it, people use small beacons. The player selects the limbs and begins to move them in different directions. The funny thing is that the locations are different.

That is, you will have to rotate your limbs on the chair, standing and lying down. Moreover, it is possible to control multiple heroes at the same time. For example, there is a man and a woman next to each other. They can interact with each other. If you take a limb, it is very easy to hit others with it. It seems practically all the laws of physics are respected. Players can quickly switch limbs. Another interesting possibility is the change of scenes.

Move People

Initially, Move People simply had to perform stunts on a flat surface. It will then be able to gradually move into buildings and structures. As soon as the player enters a closed space, all the laws of physics are preserved.

It looks interesting not only to move people but also to throw them up. When they hit different objects, they bounce off. The best part is that it is allowed to choose two people at the same time. If you push them, they immediately bounce.

In addition, some characters are allowed to be sent into the air. When they bounce hard, they hit the wall in different ways. This is the only way the player can complete the levels. In some tasks, it is important to move all the controllers. If you go to the store, obviously a mod for a lot of money. This means everything is available for free.