Murder in the Alps Mod 9.1 (Unlocked/Unlimited Money)

Category Adventure
Size 108M
Version 9.1
Update: 09/03/2023
Install Original android iphone

Murder in the Alps is a game that will immerse every mobile user in the atmosphere of the 1930s. This game is made on colorful graphics, perfectly reproducing the surroundings of life. rich and prosperous, when every rich person can enjoy leisure and relaxation.

Murder in Alps


In such an environment, each mobile user will have to find himself who has chosen a colorful app as a source of new impressions. There will be a lot of them in this virtual adventure because behind the outward affluence of an aristocratic life there are many terrible and criminal secrets.

Murder in the Alps is an application that will be useful to every lover of detective stories who dreams of having a more important role than reader or viewer. Now you can not only enjoy the twists of the plot, the atmosphere of secrets and mysteries, but you can also participate directly in an exciting investigation.

Murder in Alps Mod

It will be held by the protagonist of virtual history – a curious journalist named Anna Myers. Gamers are invited to help the brave girl unravel the criminal conspiracies and secrets that every guest of a luxury hotel in the Alps has. In this application, various quests and mini-games are provided, as well as a mod to provide an inexhaustible source of energy, contributing to an effective fight.


As you progress through, the player will dive into this story with his head. The places the protagonist will go to are incredibly beautiful and at the same time scary because the beautiful scenery of the Alps can suddenly turn into a dark, bloody basement. Communicating with each hero, the girl learns new ways to unravel the mystery and, for a limited time, tries to get to the bottom of the truth by studying the evidence found, until the villain eliminated the rest and herself.

Hack Murder in Alps

Features of Murder in the Alps

Soon the other guests began to disappear. The situation is that Anna Maires, a journalist from Zurich, is resting in this hotel, it is she who independently offers the solution to this incident: she takes a magnifying glass, puts on a detective hat, and goes find the truth. In parallel with her, there are 10 more living heroes, one of which is the culprit of the disappearances. The situation is heating up every day and Anna needs to act quickly and fearlessly as a potential villain.

  • Authentic atmosphere of the 30s.
  • Colorful characters with their personalities and secrets. Each of them will give at least one small hint to find
  • Find a secret villain.
  • In-game interactivity. The heroine can enter any room of the building, inspecting that area.
  • System of achievements in the game: from the simplest to the most complex and secret. Collecting collectibles, going through additional mini-games, puzzles make the gameplay even more varied.
  • Detailed graphics and animations, atmospheric background music. The entire game comes with excerpts from the comics.

Killer in the Alps is a cinematic game that fans of detective stories will surely enjoy, especially since the game is optimized for multiple Android devices and will always be at hand.