My Child Lebensborn iOS Mod 1.7.102 (Full Version/Unlimited money) 2022

Category Simulation
Size December 21, 2021
Version 1.7.102
Update: 04/09/2022
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My Child Lebensborn iOS is a world still groaning in the aftermath of the Second World War that just ended. Here, on the ruins of the old world, full of pain and despair, you must build a new world while taking into account the mistakes of the past so as not to repeat the fate of your predecessors and not plunge the world into the chaos of a new confrontation.

My Child Lebensborn

According to the plot, the events of My Child Lebensborn take place in the middle of the Second World War. A boy fell into an ordinary family. His parents disappeared without a trace, and the child himself witnessed the horrors of war. The player will have to take care of the boy, feed him, communicate with him, monitor his sleep, etc. Gradually, as the game progresses, the young man will recount his memories of a previous life. , these memories will gradually be arranged in a sad picture.

My Child Lebensborn


The gameplay is quite simple, players will have to learn about the boy’s story more than perform any action. It is necessary to monitor the child’s general physical and moral condition, he will need to eat, sleep and play. Game money will drip into the player’s account, which can be exchanged for all sorts of improvements. Among the features of the game, one can point out an engaging plot, simple controls, and good musical accompaniment.

My Child Lebensborn

Features of My Child Lebensborn

But it won’t be so easy in this world where there are so many people who are physically and mentally unhappy, who don’t know what to do next and how to live without the already-familiar war. A feature of this game is that it is based on real events, where, after the victory over the Third Reich, the children raised in this institution began to be placed in foster families.

My Child Lebensborn

This will not be easy with children whose minds are disturbed by conditions of war and cruel treatment, and when many around them see these children as enemies who have recently been defeated. cause a lot of pain and suffering. My Child Lebensborn will allow you to participate in this experiment and prepare a child from a former enemy’s land for life in a new world.

Play My Child Lebensborn and Adopt a Child

In this, not the easiest task, a mod that earns a lot of money will help you, where you will have every possibility to achieve this noble goal. In the game, you have to prepare an adopted child for his upcoming schoolwork, as well as possible conflict situations and the ability to resolve them without outbursts of aggression and violence…

My Child Lebensborn

With proper care and genuine love for your adopted child, you can prepare him to grow up in a post-war world where his deeds can greatly benefit. Don’t be afraid to take part in this game and take charge of the little kid.

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