My Friend Pedro Mod 1.12 (Unlocked Premium/Free)

Category Action
Size 103M
Version 1.12
Update: 21/12/2022
Install Original android iphone

My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge – a great app for fans of action-platformer games with a rather unusual plot for performers. The main character is Pedro banana. His family was attacked. Dangerous bandits have kidnapped people close to Pedro, but the main character does not give up.

My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge is an attractive game with beautiful graphics, an engaging storyline with elements of bloody battles with many enemies.


He single-handedly rushed to find his family with the desire to avenge the bad guys. Players will have to overcome many obstacles, explore interesting locations, use different vehicles, find useful things and upgrade their characters and weapons.

My Friend Pedro

Besides colorful battles, players will experience epic gun battles in slow motion. The user will have to help Pedro banana and find the missing family, defeat the bad guys and bandits that will meet along the way, find a safe way to get through the level, clear the locations and reach the finals. . The game has 37 levels with great graphics and animation details, colorful design, as well as the ability to interact with surrounding objects. Players can use a variety of vehicles to move.

My Friend Pedro

Highlights My Friend Pedro

The game begins with a short video that tells the details of the plot. Pedro lives with his wife and children in a cozy little house, far away from other villagers. One night robbers raided the house. His wife and children were taken in an unknown direction, and Pedro was brutally beaten. Thinking he was dead, the robbers ransacked the house and left. Waking up, Pedro has only one thought – revenge.

My Friend Pedro

You are offered 37 different difficulty levels which are filled with legions of heavily armed bandits. At the end of each location, a powerful boss awaits. Defeating him will strengthen the hero and move closer to unraveling the location of the main enemy base, where Pedro’s wife and children are kept.

In My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge, players can use kicks, small pistol shots, a deadly dance of large machine gun explosions, and other weapons. To move quickly, you can use a motorcycle and in tight places – a skateboard, you can use it and hold it in your hand.

My Friend Pedro

The game has a “Fever” mode. It is necessary to destroy the enemy in a randomly selected location. Differences from the plot are the absence of a boss, the transition to the next level, and a much larger number of enemies than in the standard series. The full version allows the hero to expand the available arsenal. Items such as rocket launchers, blinding and fragmentation grenades, throwing knives, and some other additions will be available. While driving motocross you will be able to shoot enemies with a pistol or UZI.