My Little Pony Rainbow Runners Mod 2021.2.0 (Unlocked)

Category Casual
Size 38M
Version 2021.2.0
Update: 16/11/2021
Install Original android iphone

My Little Pony Rainbow Runners is a very good game for children, using the characters of the popular cartoon that many children love as part of its game. A curse has been imposed on the land of Ponyville, resulting in portals appearing, literally sucking paint from the world. Along with brave ponies, players will have to close these gates, returning paint and colors to the world.

My Little Pony Rainbow Runners

Story Introduction

In this My Little Pony Rainbow Races adventure story, young players will have to use the rainbow forms of their ponies, gather powers and improve their abilities, while completing into many individual missions for each of the 6 characters in this game.

According to the plot, a disaster has occurred in the fairyland of the pony, and now you must return her former colors. The only thing that will help bring white back to the magical land is the power of friendship. Each horse’s ability can be used to complete trails. Run, jump, fly and do everything to get to the finish line first!

My Little Pony Rainbow Runners Mod

Each horse has its own ability, pumping makes it easier to pass the levels. Money injection is done for the money collected by the player during the race.

Gameplay Guide

Some parts of the game can be difficult, as often happens in similar games. As a result, you may get tired of sitting across the table, but that is a thing of the past for now. Thanks to the fashion that opens the whole game, all levels are available at once and those that are not passable can simply be left for later and moved on.

A large number of levels will keep players interested for a long time, providing them with a fun and enjoyable activity for many hours of gameplay, which will help pass the time when necessary. It will be especially interesting for children, since these are their favorite characters, with whom they often play with and attract their attention.

Hack My Little Pony Rainbow Runners

The game is quite colorful and also allows you to develop the logical thinking necessary to complete the tasks of the levels, thanks to which you can progress further and ultimately to victory.

Salient Features

Available options:

  • Players can complete quests from different characters throughout Ponyville.
  • Run through different parts of the map, closing colored portals.
  • To not die while completing the race – jump and dodge the obstacles.
  • Learn how to apply the shape of each pony to a particular race.
  • Win and improve your abilities.
  • Collect the entire pony collection.

Character features:

  • Pinkie Pie. Have the highest jump.
  • Rainbow Dash. Accelerated to the speed of light, creating a rainbow boom.
  • Rarity. Can attract the power of other ponies.
  • Applejack. Deals an apple punch, turning all obstacles into syrup.
  • Sluggish. Superflight allows you to fly over obstacles.

Budge Studios is extremely sensitive to the privacy of its little players. All apps comply with COPPA and federal children’s privacy laws. An internet connection is required to run the game. Prefer 3G or 4G.