My Talking Angela Mod (Free Shopping/Diamonds)

Category Casual
Size 121M
Update: 21/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

My Talking Angela – an application that allows you to forget about boredom, because it makes it easy for you to attend fashion parties. The game will serve as an excellent master class in the field of creating stylish images, and will also give a lot of positive emotions. This is made possible thanks to the theme and concept of a colorful entertainment project, which sets different tasks and goals for the participants. Now every gamer will have a charming kitten, in their life one should take an active part in life.


Plot in the Game

My Talking Angela with the main character is a wonderful talking cat named Angela. She’ll need to go through a tough road from an uncomplicated shy person to a legendary star. Of course, not without the occasional help of our beloved players.

This entertaining project is to some extent a Tamagotchi, in which the player will have to raise and take care of his kittens. At the start, the heroine will be a small and completely defenseless kitten, so let’s see what will be convenient for her to be with you: feeding, drinking, washing, Make up and wear different outfits…

Play puzzles and games of skill

My Talking Angela with an effective way to cheer you up by completing all kinds of missions offered in this colorful game. She will ask for the responsibility of taking care of the capricious woman with a cute tail, feeding her many delicious treats, taking her for walks, entertaining and delighting her with pleasant gifts. In addition, the cat has a cherished dream, in the process of which it will have to help. The glory of a superstar, which the fluffy coquettes are dreaming of, will come if gamers help their lovers practice their voices.

A mod with a large amount of money will allow you to buy costumes, accessories, gifts and boosters so that a difficult pet will be satisfied. The game offers the ability to create stylish outfits, hairstyles and makeovers. Bright cartoon graphics, although they do not contribute to the realism of everything that happens, it does provide a pleasant respite in the company of a funny cat, as the cat loves able to sing and always ready to talk.


Attractive Feature

Needless to say, another game app from Outfit7 is wildly successful. A few months after the release of the aforementioned project, almost two and a half million users have downloaded it, and this in itself is the most prestigious indicator of the quality of the game. And, while much of this excitement can be explained by the growing demand for “Tamagotchi” style games, the unique charm of Outfit7 projects, of course, has yet to be worn down. cancel. And the great feedback from players is the best confirmation of this.

As in the other series, the bulk of the game will only be available after depositing real money, although these are only bonus options. The main game will not ask the user for monetary compensation. No matter how you look at it, this is the real success of the developers. Many players were expecting this hilarious cat sequel, and the creators did not disappoint. The graphics, the gameplay, the interaction system as well as the versatile tools for communicating with other users – everything is taken care of at the highest level.