Ninja’s Creed iOS Mod 4.3.0 (Unlimited Diamonds/Money/Energy)

Category Action
Size 181M
Version 4.3.0
Update: 11/11/2022
Install Original android iphone

Ninja Creed: 3D Assassin Sniper Game is a great story about a lonely warrior who decided to devote his entire life to the career of an assassin. Users are invited to embark on dangerous missions with a “stealth” component, including eliminating key characters, as well as simultaneously killing multiple guards, using special equipment and weapons. great gas.


Interesting gameplay

With the money earned, you can buy a variety of weapons, armor, and inventory that enhance the vital parameters of a warrior. Start playing Ninja Creed: 3D Assassin Sniper Game and try to hit the target successfully in the initial missions. Climbing walls, crossing fences, swimming in pools and tying up windbreaks, do all this silently and quickly.

ninjas-creed-apk-latest version

Eliminate various guards and mercenaries with bows, crossbows, throwing knives, as well as shurikens and katana. Close to the enemy from behind and tie your neck, hiding the body in secret places so that no one will alert you. Use a mod to earn a lot of money if you can’t complete the mission and buy the coolest weapons and equipment for your fighter.

Go through the main story campaign missions and unlock many additional tests, trying to come together in a deadly duel with online opponents.


Great features

This game has great graphics, an engaging archery course and an engaging storyline. You will not need to reveal your identity, to destroy gangster groups with lightning speed, to prevent forbidden transactions. You have to become a hero for the locals.

Advantages of this game:

  • A game with attractive graphics and good animation.
  • Wide selection of weapons.
  • Brave heroes and interesting cards.
  • Ability to slow down shooting.
  • High quality study of the levels.
  • Choose the first role.
  • Powerful weapon choice, be it bows and arrows, improved crossbows, secret weapons and much more. You will have a large arsenal of weapons.
  • Exciting quests every day;
  • Serious enemy.


Ninja has its own parameters and characteristics, which can also be improved in the process of gaining experience, which gives a certain role-playing element to the game. Fans of the genre will surely enjoy the cutting-edge 3-D graphics, clear controls, countless missions, each of which is saturated with literal tension and danger.

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