Nova Empire Mod 2.11.0 (Unlimited Money)

Category Strategy
Size 1.6G
Version 2.11.0
Update: 21/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

Nova Empire is a real space strategy that became the best game in 2017. During the gameplay, you will need to fight fierce battles in the vast space, participate in battles. battle to gain the upper hand over the enemy and also be the ruler of this project. You will also have to find allies to create one of the most powerful alliances in space and start conquering new planets.


In Nova Empire: Star Empire, players can mine the necessary resources on their own or get them from other players by attacking their fleet or base. You will have to create your own powerful fleet, able to fight with other players, you need to provide it with powerful weapons and armor, allowing you to arrange ships at will.

Nova Empire

A great opportunity to present an unexpected surprise to your partner. And for the players who don’t want to waste a lot of time getting started, there is a great mod to earn a lot of money, which allows you to instantly create a stronger fleet that can withstand many battles and fully represent you. commander in the battlefield.

Highlights of Nova Empire

Nova Empire: Star Empire players from around the world will have to fight each other for control of outer space. Huge alliances, large-scale fleet battles are represented by a variety of ships – from small fighters to high-class dreadnoughts, practically untouched by other types of ships.

Large-scale battles, both between players and with local characters, will force you to develop your base, accumulate resources, and build up more and more troops that can be sent into battle. But the game is not limited to fighting alone. The mining system is mainly ship-based and requires the construction of a mining fleet.

Nova Empire Mod

Start building your powerful fleet, create powerful battleships and attack your opponents. You have the opportunity to hire the most experienced admirals who can lead you to well-deserved victory. Build space stations and equip them with the latest technology to gain a significant advantage over your enemies. You will be in awe of the game’s high-quality graphics and breathtaking large-scale battles in the vast expanse of space. Since the game takes place online, you will have the opportunity to control the actions of other users playing the game.


Excellent graphics will allow you to enjoy not only the depths of outer space, but also observing objects: your own bases, mining resources on asteroids, and most importantly, too battle course, as trains converge from both. and all of this is accompanied by excellent music that creates the atmosphere of the space.