iOS Mod 4.0.1 (Unlocked Skins/No Death)
Install Original android iphone is a popular project for every mobile device owner. Not every fan of virtual entertainment wants to expose themselves to serious tests, engaging in an uphill struggle.

Sometimes an easy and fun vacation is required, not without a certain acumen and drive. It is for such exciting and dynamic entertainment that a colorful game geared towards a wide range of users belongs. It will give an opportunity to develop analytical skills, experience the excitement of the fight and have fun.

What is is based on the need to control a colored cube that moves around the game space, coloring that area with its color. Players should carefully plan their actions to capture the largest area possible. The other participants in the game will also show their willingness to join new parts of the playing field, so the passion in this competition is exploding. Wrestling is all about fun and driving, so a live virtual competition in real-time can be used to set the mood.

Salient Features – the main goal in this simple arcade game is to fill the maximum possible area on the board and you need to do this as quickly as possible. In general, there is nothing difficult here, but this path cannot be called easy either. On the playing field, you will not be alone, here you will find a bunch of opponents who also want to take a piece of the free space. By downloading the game, you can train your agility and reaction speed, as well as have a good time!

At the beginning of his career, the main character looks like an ordinary square, but as he progresses further, he turns into a long snake. Everyone’s favorite from the console game called Snake, which in the series exists according to the same plan – the longer her tail, the harder it is to move around the playing field. Mod

The main thing in is to finish the tail quickly and on time without leaving undue consequences, in this case, you will become the owner of the area drawn by the square. But while the hero’s tail is roaming freely around the location, you are especially vulnerable, someone who even touches your back for even a second will automatically cause you to lose.

Only the player can decide how to act in the current situation, quietly but evenly, or go ahead and try to fill the empty areas indiscriminately. If your or your opponent’s square enters the free zone and closes its circle, the square will immediately become the property of this hero. You can take big risks and win vast territories, or lose everything and start from scratch.


Players are invited to go through many levels of the game, using their abilities to plan battle strategies, as well as useful resources that will bring a lot of money. The game has a multiplayer mode and works without an Internet connection, so you can practice your dexterity and ingenuity at any time.


The appearance of the game is extremely concise in form, but the color of all colors of the rainbow does not allow you to take your eyes off yourself. The absence of any music during the journey works well, as there’s no reason to be distracted by extraneous sounds. Full Russification makes even more playable because you can quickly find menus and basic settings. The arcade game is completely free and does not require an internet connection to work. Such a simple and very enjoyable game will appeal to both adults and the younger generation of users.

Download ( V4.0.1 )
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