Project Makeover Mod 2.56.1 (Unlimited Lives/Resources)

Category Casual
Size 256M
Version 2.56.1
Update: 25/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

Project Makeover presents a fun and entertaining game aimed at a wide range of users, where you have the opportunity to show your best side and help many consumers.


The plot of the game Project Makeover begins with the creation of a playable character – an aspiring makeup artist working on a popular TV show, where people come and make them beautiful. pretty.


Experts create cool makeup, choose the right look in your clothes, equip your home design, and even help change your lifestyle. After a long period of improvement and going through many stages of work, the person who arrived was amazingly transformed, becoming a completely different person. Each character is unique and has its own life characteristics that you need to research and decide what to do next.


Tips and Tricks

Project Makeover is a game with beautiful 2D graphics and relaxing background music. The gameplay of the game includes controlling the actions of the main character, working as a professional makeup artist, and helping others become more efficient and beautiful.

In each new level, the player will have to work with many customers in the beauty salon, dress them up with existing tools, improve their hairstyle and choose clothes for a fashion boutique. There will also be levels with room decoration, renovation of residential buildings, solving complex puzzles and a variety of mini-games.


The game combines several options at once, including not only creating makeup and choosing clothes, but also working with living areas, helping to develop the style of social profiles, solving games Play different logic and more. You will have to regularly play mini-games in the “three in a row” genre to get bonus points and go to the next level. There are countless quests, as well as a multivariable passage. And the mod for everything will publicly provide full access to all elements of the game.

Salient features

You can be a stylist and make your clients more attractive. Imagine you have the coolest beauty studio in town. Experiment with new haircuts, cosmetics, choose new clothes or furniture! Make your dreams come true and combine different styles to match the latest fashion trends. You will have the opportunity to meet different assistants, interesting people, with some of whom it will be difficult to communicate.


Distinctive features of Project Makeover:

  • Colorful 3D graphics.
  • Bright plot.
  • Fascinating puzzles.
  • Wide variety of clothes, haircuts, makeup.
  • Various rewards.

You have to be calm and determined to achieve the desired results. Make your customers and their homes much more beautiful and brighter. Enjoy unpredictable moments, grow in the beauty industry and make new contributions to the fashion industry!