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Rush is a game that combines the best qualities of a video game and a time killer – it can appeal to a gamer of all ages and genders.

Made with neon graphics, Rush seems to take the player into a completely different dimension. It is the sphere that you need to learn to maneuver skillfully and the 2 winding lanes on its moving route that immediately amaze the imagination with its brightness and color saturation. The entire game is accompanied by an original soundtrack.



Players are immersed in the racing world in 3D space, requiring maximum physical and mental exercise. Many obstacles are built by the developers in the way of the ball that you control, try to slow it down as much as possible, prevent it from reaching the finish line.

You can only overcome them by reacting instantaneously to obstacles, maneuvering intensively, moving the ball from side to side, from track to track. This is the only way to push the ball to the maximum possible speed.


Features of the Game

Game with monotony – more than a hundred interesting things and different in songs and levels of complexity will force players to give their best. V Rush  over fifty different types of orbs can be used, some of which your friends, who also participate in the races, might envy. You can only reach the finish line by opening all, without exception, 25 tracks and achieving the corresponding high score.

Rush will become a great entertainment game, not letting you get bored. This is no ordinary time killer – not all players will be able to cross their chosen orb to the finish line, over obstacles that are completely unpredictable and not as fast as they would like.

Download ( V1.1.4.2 )
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