Sand Balls Mod 2.3.26 (Unlimited Diamond/Stars)

Category Puzzle
Size 148M
Version 2.3.26
Update: 22/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

Sand Balls is a pretty fun game that at first glance seems very simple. It seems the task is simply to lead a group of small balls to the finish line, using the laws of physics, making their way in a solid rock. However, since the game has extremely realistic physics and the road crossing occurs in circular potholes, this is not easy to do. Also, the level has a lot of traps that the balls can fall into, and some can get stuck in the “pocket of the breed” along the way. And yes, the number of moves is limited.


Sand Balls Gameplay

Players have to go through many levels, each level is not the same as the previous ones. The more balls you get to the finish line, the bigger the rewards, so you can buy player enhancements, as well as special boosters that will simplify the way. Buying them is no longer a problem because fashion makes money.


Sand Balls is an engaging game from the first minutes, but does not require the daily presence of the player. You can return to this puzzle from time to time, repeatedly trying to get the balls to the finish line on the newly altered map. In addition, passing each level does not take much time, so the game does not have time to get bored, constantly changing and evolving, becoming harder and more interesting with each new level.


Classic game

A great opportunity to relax and get rid of the problems, a simple game that is not easy to pass, however, each of these levels will leave a pleasant impression of your journey and the victory you have won. gain. A large number of levels in themselves will allow you to go through the game for a long time, which will keep yourself busy for a long time in case you need to take your time.