Shashki - Russian draughts Mod 11.12.0 (Unlimited Money)

Category Casual
Size 6.6M
Version 11.12.0
Update: 04/11/2021
Install Original android

For all the lovers of checkers, a game has been developed called Shashki for mobile devices. This game is a field consisting of squares, on which there are circles or checkers.

About the Game

People of all ages enjoy this pastime, developing their intuition and logical thinking. Now the game is available for smartphones and tablets in excellent quality. On a special field there are white or black flags, depending on the player’s choice.


Furthermore, each piece is on a certain playing field. The control of checkers is quite simple, the rules are clear and accessible. Checkers move diagonally along their cell. In case a chess piece crosses the opponent’s piece diagonally, she wins it.

Shashki’s Gameplay

The game continues until the last piece of one color or another remains. Also, according to the terms of the game, an ordinary chess piece or pawn can become queen and gain an extra chance. To achieve this, you need to get to the end of the opponent’s square with a pawn.

After the tester acquires the queen’s ability, she will be able to move around the entire field from start to finish, defeating enemies more effectively. This makes the game much easier and more enjoyable.

This game has different difficulty levels, for example easy or super hard. The possibility to choose the game mode is provided, you can directly play English, Spanish or Russian checkers. The game is very small in size, so please download it quickly.

  • Ability to play in three modes.
  • Great quality animations and graphics.
  • No ads, free.
  • Ability to change the rules.