SimplePlanes - Flight Simulator Mod 100,000+ (Free Shopping)

Category Simulation
Size December 17, 2021
Version 100,000+
Update: 21/01/2022
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SimplePlanes is an addictive simulation game in which you not only have to fly a variety of iron birds, but also have to collect them yourself. Design and build your unique plane and send it on a test flight for testing. The game gives you complete freedom of action and a huge set of necessary tools in the mod for the full version to build the plane you’ve always wanted.



Assemble powerful engines, swingarms, turbines, and other components with spare parts. Give your plane a unique and unforgettable look with our paint palette. Take the command post of the finished clone and take off for a test flight. The ease of administration is guaranteed that everyone, without exception, can cope.

With a ready-made unit, you can complete quests and quests, in which you will earn experience and in-game currency. You can spend cash rewards on parts, spare parts, and disassembled planes, from which you can assemble your mechanical masterpieces.

SimplePlanes Mod

Basic Quest

The player’s task is to create an aircraft, then test their creation in flight. From a large list, you can choose any fuselage model and form the work units you like. The highlight is that not every plane can take off: models that are too large or complex will remain on the ground.

Highlights of SimplePlanes

In SimplePlanes you will find more than 50,000 airplane models so you can choose your favorite ones: Boeings, jets, fighters, cargo planes, corn planes, planes helicopters, and many more. If the plane can’t take off or crashes during the flight, this means that not everything will fit your equipment and you need to think more efficiently about design and spare parts.

For beginners, some simple tutorials will help them understand how to build an airplane and how to fly it.

Reality: the plane is made according to all the laws of aerodynamics and physics and is no different from the real thing.

Easy controls: just a few clicks of the buttons and your plane is ready!

Originality: one of the most unusual emulators in the “Play Market”, well-deserved popularity.

Hack SimplePlanes

“Simple airplane” will appeal to both adults and children. This game will not only help you to lose focus and pass the time but also let you learn a lot about aviation.

Colorful graphics

The game has realistic physics and colorful graphics that will give you a true sense of the reality of what is happening. Obeying all the laws of aerodynamics, you will be able to completely lift all your projects into the air. Experiment with a variety of details to make your plane one of a kind.