Sonic Forces Mod 4.16.1 (Unlimited Red Rings/Gems)

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Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle is a bright arcade game in which the user meets the famous hedgehog named “Sonic”, the hedgehog can not only run and jump fast, but also accelerate, and apply many various useful possibilities.


Sonic Forces Mod apk all Characters Unlocked

Start getting closer to the Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle project and try to get used to the nuances of controlling a green hedgehog in 3D. Observe the central character from the 3rd person and rush forward through vibrant cities, forests, marsh wastelands and snow-capped mountains.


Jump over holes and caves, jump over waterfalls, jump over islands and branches, cars and rooftops. Collect coins and speed boosters, get rubies and emeralds, try to collect as many financial bonuses as possible to reach the finish line.


Features of Sonic Forces

Players who appreciate arcades are invited to travel to a dynamic universe to collect coins and jewels, overcoming all kinds of challenges in a lengthy single-player campaign that showcases their abilities. their prowess in one-time trials in unlocked locations, clashing in dynamic confrontations with network protagonists, winning trophies and prizes.


Make purchases and upgrades between races, which will be greatly helped by the money mod that provides the account with a huge amount of finance. Try to overcome difficult challenges in the high ranks, overcome dangerous zones, double jump, roll over and ram through breakable obstacles. Unlock new challenges, try to get cool skins and abilities for a nimble hedgehog, enjoy bright design, lots of levels, nice soundtrack and dynamic gameplay!