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Space Frontier is an application that will give every gamer who is interested in the space theme many opportunities for self-awareness. This game has everything you need to explore, make breakthroughs in science and feel like a genius. The application is also suitable for a happy holiday: the simplicity of the rules and the normality of everything that happens allows you not to worry too much about the strategy of the struggle, but to devote yourself entirely to Passing the colorful levels.

Space Frontier


Players will fly into space, upgrade spacecraft using a mod to earn a lot of money, earn money by mining different planets. The game has a multiplayer mode, which allows you to share your achievements with your friends on social networks and contribute to a pleasant pastime. Colorful graphics, simple controls, the promising role of an excellent design engineer – all this is available after installing the application on a mobile device.

At first glance, it seems that launching a rocket, even into space, is not that difficult. But this opinion is wrong. Players will need time to perform different actions and all of them are important. With just one precise launch, the rocket would take off normally, and then resume its flight successfully.

Game Features

Space Frontier is a game that can hardly be classified as epic and realistic, but fun time killers have another purpose. Such games contribute to the joy of gambling rest and struggle, in which the player has every reason to hope to win. A space adventure in the clicker genre will bring positive emotions and the most ambitious participants will feel like daring pioneers.

Space Frontier Mod

You’ll need to master the nuances of the game, which isn’t too much. However, few people succeed in interrupting the game without good reason, it is so attractive, interesting, addictive. In this application, do not forget ingenuity. You need to try to launch the rocket as far as possible. At the same time, its parts must be disconnected on time. Don’t miss this super important moment!

Disconnecting the rocket parts should not be slow and quick, since this is enough to touch the screen. Let’s say you have taken the desired action but are in a hurry. Then an unsuccessful flight is expected. Suppose you are late. In this case, the structure will simply break in the air.

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Rewards for flights

For each completed flight, a reward is due. You will get coins that will allow you to buy new themes for your rocket. You can also upgrade it with coins. Then she will make higher flights. The higher the rocket’s altitude, the higher the success score (in cents). The next 10 distance units is a new coin, etc.

Very good dubbing will bring you more fun. Who knows, a Space Frontier player will one day become a brilliant designer of intergalactic rockets! In the meantime, you can just get the original version of this game for Android for free, which you can also hack.

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