State of Survival iOS Mod 1.17.20 (Unlimited Biocaps/Resources)

NameState of Survival
SizeVaries with device
Install Original android iphone

State of Survival is another zombie apocalypse story. After the zombie attack, few survivors remained on the ground. Players have a choice – befriend them or fight.

State of Survival

But there won’t be much time for reflection, because you will have to constantly fight for your life. Join your share of leftover resources and travel to a post-apocalyptic, dangerous and unpredictable world. The player’s task is to become the best and make all humanity live by its own rules.

Story introduction

State of Survival follows the events that occurred about 6 months after the outbreak of the zombie virus. No more nation, like any organization, humanity has collapsed, and only individual groups of survivors are fighting for their lives in this changed world. Players will have to become the leader of such a group, having established a settlement, developing it to provide reliable protection from zombies and other bipedal predators – humans.

State of Survival Gameplay

Build your own village. Grow and improve the city until it becomes a safe haven of deadly roads. Here you can not only hide yourself, but also hide your new friends. Together you will build a new empire and organize your life according to new rules, just yours. Therefore, it is extremely important to get characters with special abilities in your team.

State of Survival

Grow, create your settlement, survive in this changed world and ascend your place under the sun, defeating all who stand in your way. If it’s difficult for one, you can join a clan, which will give you access to help and even bigger battles, allowing you to progress to a whole other level.

Be minded and strategic. Grow your world, but don’t forget the dangers from outside. Learn how to stop the zombie infection – and become the new ruler of the world.

Salient Features

A feature of this strategy is the ability to complete the plot with the direct control of the hero and his party. It is necessary to develop new areas, search for survivors and search for resource depots. Investigate who is behind this terrible epidemic and why it happened.

State of Survival

In battles with zombies, you will directly have to use a variety of heroes, each of which can unlock different skills. Thanks to the mod for endless skills, it becomes easier to fight zombies, as they can be used one after another without stopping.

State of Survival offers the opportunity to build your own shelter and build whatever you want on its territory. Players determine for themselves the buildings that they need to build, can improve and develop them.

Over time, science will allow to open up new types of units for battles with zombies, as well as for protection from other players or attacks on their shelters. In apocalyptic conditions, everyone is for himself, so players are constantly fighting with each other, thereby obtaining a large amount of resources at once.

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