Sword Master Story (Mod Unlimited Money/Stamina) V4.2.334

NameSword Master Story
CategoryGame Mobile
Install Original android iphone

Sword Master Story is a fun casual evolution based on choice of action. Fans of the genre are offered an interesting collection in which you can plunge into a series of mystical and mystical events taking place in cities and villages.

Sword Master Story

iOS users will have to help the central character solve many key problems related to finding the girl, antiques, as well as unravel a series of mysterious incidents. The game will satisfy you with a multitude of action options, a variety of hidden locations, pleasant animations, music and effects. There are several difficulty modes and most of the plot remains unexplored during the investigation.

Sword Master Story Game Instructions

Start playing Sword Master Story and try to complete one of the available cases. Read the basics carefully and start moving in the direction you think you need. Chat with amazing characters, ask questions, get answers, and see overall progress, while waiting to accumulate resources to take next actions.

Sword Master Story Mod

Use the mod for a lot of energy and in the menu to always progress through the quests tirelessly and without wasting time restoring the central character’s forces. Use facial expressions, activate special auras, collect useful loot in the form of keys, weapons, various antiques and use it when the time comes.

Visit castles, ordinary apartments, bars, cinemas and theatres, basements and attics, huge squares and cemeteries, secret huts in the middle of the woods and many more amazing places. Enjoy a lot of fun from the stories and try to complete the episodes with high difficulty.