NameAstral Lord Origin
ReleaseOrigin Games

“Astral Lord Origin” refers to a potential expansion or update in the game “Seven Knights Idle Adventure” that introduces a new hero character known as the “Astral Lord.” The Astral Lord could be a powerful being from the celestial realms with unique abilities and skills to aid players in their battles against darkness and evil forces. This expansion might include a captivating storyline, new quests, and exciting challenges for players to explore and conquer. Please note that as of my last update in September 2021, “Astral Lord Origin” was not a known content in the game, and it might be entirely fictional or introduced after my knowledge cutoff.


Astral Lord Origin MOD

it's fun and beautiful and the graphics are good I love it! but I hope that same gen. would be fine in marriage because in our server their using male characters more than female I guess other servers too I wish you notice this, thank you (). I give 4 star rating to this game. Overall the game is not that bad or much bad at all. but it has too much bug at the game and need to improve it and fix it. I like the developer made this game. but it just need a better improvement i will definitely give a 5 star if i experience that this game is have fix the bug and i might also top up a little money to help the game little bit. and also can you make the game can use keyboard and mouse. Thank you ^_^. don't waste your time on this game because its developers are worthless even if you report the issues within this game to them they will ignore you its developers look like money they are useless they are very brainless and useless no they can remove the excessive lag in the game they always say that they will fix it but nothing happens even if they update every wesnesday it's still there too much lag poor admin in Astral Lord Origin in their facebook page. I really like the concept of this game a lot!. But unfortunately the Dev on this game doesn't care at all to issues and complaints. I was hoping they are more helpful but no they are nowhere to be found. If only b.ingot can be drop to bosses rather than forcing you to Top Up that sucks. I don't mind with Top Up it's just me showing support to the company as long as bound ingot can be drop killing boss or mobs. I hope you do something lots of players now quit and transfer to Ran Mobile.. Its been 2 days since the game has bug.. dev didnt do anything.. fix the game. You guys are losing players..

Astral Lord Origin APK

The game interface is top notch but I am only giving you 3 stars due to the constant freezing of the game. When I log in to the server and click my character, it freezes. When I join a team, it freezes and takes a few seconds before it unfreezes which is so annoying. I am giving it a few more days before I will uninstall this.. Laggy, Force disconnection without any reason, Delay switching from Auto to Manual Attacking and Too hard to find items, Why you cant find a solution about the lagging??????. Game is ok and the skill range is good but the big problem is the team. If u cannot assemble a team there r some events cannot b done. Plus if u finish ur tries , u cannot assist ur team mates n tye 2nd biggest problem is items u purchase there is a time limit until it resets. Example u buy a vip 1 package there is a time limit until it reset to 0. =(. too much lag when entering a dungeon with a team. if fix, this game will be good. lag all the time is annoying..

Astral Lord Origin APK

Good game. But it keep on crashing so it was irritatingly unrealistic to keep on playing. If this get fixed maybe a lot if players might stay and play this game but if this not get fixed. You'll lose players by a large batch .. Nice Game! Buti can you fix this? 1. When you party/team up, it's delay a seconds and it is laggy. 2. The screen icon for switching targets is so small. Hard to change target from creeps/player or other creeps or Boss. 3. The Cross Server Tournament auto matching is nonsense. For example, you are Super60 and you matched to Super100+. 4. The Graphic system is not working.. I want to ask.. why everytime new update (resources package) arrive need WIFI connection??? This game cannot use data phone or hotspot to new update? To developer, you know's annoying.. pls fix it? Even if small update need wifi? Others game mmorpg new update almost 1gb use data phone or hotspot there is issue or problem!! I know better connection but it is just the smallest update... I'm so annoyed in your game it so damn lag... super lag sometimes kick out of the game. Is this a joke.

Astral Lord Origin APK

Tigilan nyo na yung larong to luge kayo sa mga s1 kase halos karamihan don galing sa compensation yung lakas binalik ng GM yung ginastos nila sa astral v1 kaya mga new player mag top up para makahabol , ending selling ID. This game is awesome but please check your mail or inbox for our in app purchases concerns. Even your customer service on messenger to answer our in app purchases concerns. Thank you. 1.)The game items are very expensive in using ingots...2.)being vip's not permanent..3.)unclear intructions in top up services.4.)quite difficult in logging in the game when theres update and patches even though you have strong wifi connection... I can't play open the game i finished the download All files but can't open the game please fix it.

Admin does not respond to emails. Very useless. Would like to report bullies ,but they dont care. Such a lame management. This is the game i wait for how many months i play. I love it. Can i rquest slide skill or jump. I got an old account in the old version of this game, and I just heard that they are going to delete the game so I contacted the admin in the game but they sai they can't do anything they can't transfer my old account in this game, truely they are useless they only think to get money for the players! I'm very disappointed. i give 1 star because super lag and hang my char every log in and lag every party dungeon like abyss super lag im disappointed.

I like game like its so realistic and easy to play. the one thing i don't like is the control. My game crashes everytime I team up for a quest. I avail VIP 4 hoping that I could play smoothly but nothing happen. I still couldn't play in events that needs to team up.. This game schedule event not good precise and it p2w game good graphic but high ping for 200mbls internet 1 2ms on other gane. The game is good. But its very irritating. You must make it more accessible. It crashes everytime i joined any event. It freezes everytime i am in a team and it hangs everytime i'm on a battle. my phone specification is best in gaming,in fact i played numerous games but yours is the worst..

The game progresses too fast. I'm already at lvl 40 in less than 30 min. I can't even disable auto. It was like I was watching a fantasy movie instead of actually playing it. Plot is also confusing though graphics & sound are really good.. Good graphics..a little bit confusing at first but you can follow it step by step not boring at all ..not money grabbing game which is nice for none spender many ways to be strong.. totally recommend for all. pangit na laro putik araw araw may bago server anu kaya un bubu GM nmn araw araw may bago server nag GM kapa bubu mo. i really like this game but..where is My pre register gifts and the game recieve reward on ranking not receive also ..please fix this fix lagging also on the game...

I like the game so far... But try tone down the "autoplay" function by 100% and make it an optional feature instead. It won't stop working every time i try to turn it off..... Its a good game but you have to improve the controls its hard to change target in a pvp and there is no dodge button it would be better if you put items to restore life in the controls as well the maps also needs improvement you should also creatw guide in crafting equipment on how to get the ingredients needed. the game is good the graphic is also good, but sometimes is laggy when going party dungeon but Al in all the game have a very unique character. Pretty good so far. Just add more activities to be done or able to add attempt for most using b.ingots would be better. By the way, if possible, can we have some match making thing for the marriage as it will be easy to find someone to get married to....

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