The Walking Dead: Survivors (Mod Unlimited Gems/Money) V2.2.1

NameThe Walking Dead: Survivors
CategoryGame Mobile
Install Original android iphone

The Walking Dead: Survivors – many fans of the “The Walking Dead” series must have dreamed of going to the scene and helping their favorite characters. Now it is possible. A mobile game based on the saga has appeared. You can get to know the characters better, fight against the zombie army with them, unite like-minded people and create teams.

The Walking Dead: Survivors

What is The Walking Dead: Survivors?

The Walking Dead: Survivors is a strategy game inspired by Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead universe. You will have the opportunity to lead an individual team of survivors, create a well-protected shelter, and receive food and weapons, and accept battles with the dead and survive!

Instructions on how Gameplay

A real action game with survival elements. A new wave of doomsday has begun. Most of humanity has long been turned into the undead. The few survivors need to build shelters, find weapons and recruit an army of like-minded people to organize the war against the zombies.

To survive and be ready for anything, you need to have a personal strategy, sometimes you have to fight not only with zombies, but also with survivors. They can be much more dangerous. Complement your team with other heroes and apply their abilities in battles.

The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod

Features of The Walking Dead: Survivors

The world has two sides: before and after, when a mysterious virus invades half of civilization, from which humans turn into zombies. You need to survive in a scary world full of dangers and zombies. Fight alongside Glenn and most of the other Walking Dead characters. You need to control the safety of your party, move forward in search of food and useful things, and explore new habitats.

  1. A project based on the legendary series that already has millions of fans. The atmosphere of the original, favorite characters, great three-dimensional graphics.
  2. Lots of fun processes available – build shelters, place obstacles, build towers, gather resources, hire soldiers and train.
  3. Active interaction between real players – you can socialize, form clans, explore new lands and expand your sphere of influence.
  4. Great location, convenient controls.
  5. Various types of resources are available for the fight against zombies. Good optimization and average system requirements.
  6. With a fashion for money.

Strategy will help survive. Collect supplies, produce useful resources, train fighters and recruit new ones. Fierce battles and a deadly army. Beautiful graphics, great animation and musical accompaniment. The atmosphere of the original project has been recreated.

Maintain in-game communication with all players around the world, using the built-in translator. Can you survive and become a good person? Play for fun and you will understand for yourself who you will become in this world.