Tower Conquest iOS Mod 23.0.14g (999 Level, Unlimited Money/Gems)

NameTower Conquest
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Tower Conquest – a game based on an interesting story, thanks to which the fighting process becomes extremely lively and lively. Gamers who have chosen this game as a source of new experiences will not be disappointed, because its capabilities are designed for the most demanding adventure lovers. The game will give you a great mood, which will be facilitated by brilliant victories won by an experienced strategist and strategist. Simple controls and many interesting missions will be additional arguments in favor of the new game.

Tower Conquest

Tower Conquest Highlights

Tower Conquest has been specially designed for mobile phones and tablets. This toy has its own unique game mode. The game will have two towers, one will be controlled by you and the other – by your opponent. Your goal is to completely destroy the enemy tower. A large number of heroes are available to you.

There are heroes for ranged and melee combat. After starting the game, you will see an interesting video, made in the form of a comic and telling about the struggle of monsters and humans. After watching the video, start playing and go through the main story. Tower Conquest has a mediocre backstory, it just is.

Tower Conquest Mod

The course of combat will require a well-thought-out plan of action: the player must protect his possessions from the various evil spirits that have flooded the world after the gates have opened. Access to different abilities for effective fighting will open the mod for a lot of money, offered in the colorful app. Peasants armed with trousers, knights in shining armor – the leader of a brave army that will manage to defend his fortress.

How is the gameplay?

The game has a large number of levels, all of them are quite monotonous. You will constantly need to create fighters and use various interesting features. There are many units: archers, soldiers, warriors and even ordinary farmers. Each unit can be pumped, making it stronger and more powerful. The graphics are great, the characters look colorful and cute. In addition, the developers have worked on optimization and the game is perfectly supported by the smartphone.

Hack Tower Conquest

The game has a well-thought-out storyline, so that the leadership process is as vibrant as possible, giving gamers a vivid impression. The game will be their origin, because thanks to it the user will be able to go to a wonderful country, where heroes live, endowed with different abilities.

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