Grand Wars: Mafia City is a colorful, dynamic, top-down shooter game with epic team battles. Here you have to participate in the actions of mafia groups fighting for urban areas and power over them. You must eliminate competitors, participate in massive street shootouts, manage your gangsters, and think over tactics to capture the entire city!

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To start the battle for power, you need to press just one button, after which the rivals will automatically gather. Each action involves four players, each controlling their gang. During the fight, try to capture locations faster, increasing the number of fighters in your squad. Also, during the game, upgrade your team’s weapons, steal vehicles and take over the entire city step by step.

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There is much room for tactical maneuvers; you can set traps anywhere, place snipers on high ground, and make lightning-fast assault attacks. Management in the game is quite simple, despite the wide variety of features and functions. The graphics are created in a cartoon style, with colorful effects of explosions and shots!

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List of Grand Wars: Mafia City Codes

1. XKC32NBR - Unlock a special weapon upgrade to dominate the streets of Grand Wars: Mafia City.
2. H9J8YEP7 - Gain access to an exclusive safehouse, complete with advanced security measures and secret hideouts.
3. RDNX4G6F - Get a free luxury car to cruise around the city in style while commanding your mafia empire.
4. CTF7M5DY - Acquire a rare and powerful bodyguard, who will protect you from rival gangs and ensure your safety at all times.
5. WQ6238MZ - Receive a significant boost to your in-game currency, allowing you to expand your operations and buy top-tier weapons.
6. LVX9A1KP - Obtain a unique mafia-themed outfit to showcase your status as the most notorious gangster in Grand Wars.
7. ZP4MJU6Q - Enjoy VIP access to exclusive events and rewards, guaranteeing you a privileged position in the criminal underworld.
8. G5BN1YDF - Gain instant access to a secret mission that will grant you large amounts of experience points and valuable resources.


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