Vodobanka Mod 1.02b 270123 (Unlocked Pro)

Category Strategy
Size 7.7M
Version 1.02b 270123
Update: 09/03/2023
Install Original android iphone

Vodobanka you have to act as the leader of the entire brave task force. These men had the necessary training and skills, but they needed a commander with a strategic mind. Control the movement of subordinates on the map, help them interact with objects and other warriors. Units that do not pose a threat are marked in green, opponents are marked in red. Enemies must be destroyed before they dare attack your formation.


Highlights of Vodobanka

Vodobanka Pro is a realistic combat mission simulator. Gamers will lead a team of special forces and watch what is happening on the screen from above. Most missions include capturing objects and eliminating opponents. It is necessary to think through each step carefully, taking into account many factors. The number of your fighters, the location of the object, the level of preparation of the enemy, the complexity of the mission, the presence of hostages, etc.

The first tasks will be simple, they help you get used to them faster. Then the difficulty level gradually increases. For the advanced type, it is possible to simulate the combat situation on its own, determine the number of militiamen and civilians. It is important not only to destroy the enemy but also not to hit the hostages.

Vodobanka Mod


The level is considered passed when you manage to save all the civilian units. To do this as quickly and professionally as possible, carefully plan the upcoming attack, give clear orders and use all your strategic skills. And to fight the enemy, even non-standard weapons such as tickle grenades are available to you, a very interesting way that can disable the enemy.

The game is not technically demanding, it runs even on weak devices. The position of the camera allows you to see what is happening down to the smallest detail, including enemy movements. It is important to consider every nuance. For each completed mission, a reward is due.