War Machines Mod 7.8.2 (Premium/Unlimited Money and Gems)

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Size 116M
Version 7.8.2
Update: 04/02/2023
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War Machines: Tank Game is a game that will make your vacation extremely enjoyable, giving gamers freedom of action and a rich arsenal of tools necessary for effective combat. fruit.

About the Game

After installing this application, the user will be able to claim the title of the best commander-in-chief, whose correct decisions will contribute to victory.

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Before the battle, you can check the position – if you are careful enough, this will give you a significant advantage over the enemy. To fight with players from all over the world, you need an internet connection. War Machines will appeal to all fans of action games that require strategic thinking. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of World War II tank battles, fight your opponents and top the world rankings.

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War Machines: A game about tanks will help provide the necessary adrenaline for every gambler, because here you have to take risks to achieve your goals. Players have access to a wide selection of military equipment, including many tank models with different features and characteristics. They can be upgraded to increase your chances of winning. Access to armored vehicles will open a lot of money, so every strategist will be able to defeat the enemy on the battlefield.

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The choice of technique is huge, but each model has its pros and cons. To defeat the opponent, players will have to use tactical skills and strategic thinking.

The main task is to destroy enemy tanks on the battlefield, giving us minimal losses. The game features a multiplayer mode that turns the win-win battle into a breathtaking military action game that focuses on the most daring commanders. Thanks to detailed models of tanks and various locations, those involved in the struggle are guaranteed to have vivid impressions.

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For each mission, it is important to choose the appropriate weapons and vehicles to best cope with the task at hand. The ability to upgrade and improve each vehicle makes the game even more exciting. Win battles, get new tanks and choose the most suitable equipment for them.

Highlights of War Machine

No fan of tank battles will remain indifferent to the exciting multiplayer simulator War Machines. Choose a war machine and enjoy action-packed realistic battles against opponents from around the world.

The game is a dynamic and entertaining action game dedicated to tank battles. In it, each participant must demonstrate the courage and analytical skills that are essential to creating an effective plan of action.

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Features of the game:

  • Tank action
  • Convenient control
  • Many tank models
  • Various modes
  • Fierce battles
  • Take any tactic
  • Various characteristics
  • Improvement and modernization

The game is built on the basis of battles with other users. A war lasted exactly three minutes. During these 90 seconds, the player must smash as many enemy vehicles as possible. Choose a country that needs your protection and repel enemy attacks.

Regarding the battle mode, the game offers two options for you to choose from:

  • Team battle mode, in which players are united in groups.
  • Single player mode where each player fights for himself.

You can also customize your media with unique icons. Players also have the opportunity to choose where the battle will take place. The list of available locations is based on known locations of tank battles that took place during the Second World War.