War Robots Mod 8.7.0 (Unlimited Gold/Robots Unlocked)

Category Action
Size 122M
Version 8.7.0
Update: 23/01/2023
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War Robots is an engaging and addictive session-based shooter from the Russian publisher Pixonic. The first important advantage of the game is the detailed three-dimensional graphics. Realism is beyond the scale, players will experience the apocalyptic atmosphere literally for themselves, complemented by the lively soundtracks of the battles.


Exciting multiplayer

The controls are simple, but you still have to sweat and show reaction wonders during battles. Thanks to the well-invested background and surroundings, the project has received positive responses from players and press from all over the world.

The plot is set in the 22nd century. Before the deadly cataclysm, the 5 richest corporations in the world drew up a plan. Then, together, they transport humanity to explore the new planet Mars. However, each company has its view of the future fate of people. Thus, there was divided into factions.


Unlock all robots in War Robots

Humans are still the same, but there have been noticeable changes in appearance. Gameplay in War Robots transports the player to a once-living but now ruined Earth. It has become uninhabitable, but it still contains many artifacts and technologies, for which the rich from Mars is willing to pay a lot of money.

war-robot-apk-latest version

Players will have to assemble a powerful robot and embark on a desperate journey through dangerous lands. In addition to single-player, PVP modes are available where battles take place on separate maps between teams of 6 players. The winner is rewarded with experience points and currency. A nice bonus would be a mod for a lot of gold and money.


Best Features of War Robots

Level affects your choice of allies and enemies during matchmaking, and for currency, you can upgrade an existing one or buy a whole new cyborg. They are divided into 3 categories: light, medium, and heavy. Light vehicles have extremely fast speed, but weak attack and low safety.


Medium is the perfect balance of firepower, speed, and toughness. Heavy units have massive damage and health stats, but they’re incredibly slow and hard to manage. A large number of nuances and possibilities make the game fun and exciting, promising players entertainment for days and even months.