Wordington Mod 1.9.6 (Unlimited Stars/Hints/Money)

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Wordington: Words and Design is a great game to get started with drama. You are a beautiful young lady Emma, ​​but life has grown so much that pleasant people encounter unpleasant second halves. After Emma is dumped by her boyfriend, you must help her start a new life. And Emma plans a new life in her grandfather’s big house, where the walls of her own are curling up with fond memories of a carefree childhood long gone.


In Wordington: Words & Design will get you new pets, friends, and even a cute young guy that Emma will encounter in awkward situations at the start of the game. You will need help, namely, intelligence and a head on your shoulders. Throughout the game you have to solve crosswords and form words from the suggested letters.

Verbal puzzles can be tricky, and clues are worth their weight in gold. But all of these will be needed to earn stars. And they are the most important currency in the game, as each stage and each action requires spending one or more of the stars you earn. But you can solve this problem by installing the mod on many stars and calmly begin to arrange a new life.

Wordington Mod

Going through more levels and opening all the new chapters of the game, you will understand that this is not just a soulless arcade game. Along with the game, you are fortunate to have a colorful and uncluttered story about the formation of a new life filled with happiness. Bake cookies, plant flowers, pour water into a bowl for a new pet or go on a date with a new boyfriend – each stage wouldn’t be complete without your involvement, and at some point you’ll feel at home. This old house is huge. The garden also becomes a part of your story.