World War Heroes (Mod Unlimited Ammo/Gold) V1.30.2

NameWorld War Heroes: WW2 FPS
SizeVaries with device
Install Original android iphone

World War Heroes is an exciting shooter, the events of which take place in the distant Second World War. Although this game is the sequel to the much-requested Modern Strike Online, it has been modernized considerably. As a result, there are some key innovations that gamers will love. For example, now fans of the genre have the right to fight using military equipment.

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What is World War Heroes: WW2 FPS?

The popular shooter offers the opportunity to participate in many battles online and with players from all over the world. And most importantly, players will not get bored, because there is a chance to fight in seven different places.


And they are all remembered for the fierce battles of the Second World War that took place. For example, battles will take place in the center of Berlin and other cities, which will determine the outcome of the war.

To defeat the enemy, gamers have the right to use a whole arsenal of weapons of all kinds. Namely pistols, sniper rifles, various grenade launchers, machine guns, including heavy guns. The representative combat equipment is Soviet, German, Japanese, and American tanks.


There is an opportunity to accumulate weapons, pump them, make them more effective. In addition, you can increase, and significantly increase the reload speed, increase the magazine volume, reduce the recoil.

Features of World War Heroes

World War Heroes will be loved by gamers who love variety, as the game has many modes and opportunities to choose from:

    • Team Battle – this mode is an exciting battle between two teams. The team with the most points wins.
    • Deadly battle – each character fights only for himself, and the winner will be the one with the most points.
    • A battle with one life is also a team battle, but not for points, as victory will go to the last survivor in any round.


  • Bomb mode – is another kind of team battle. The main feature is the rule according to which one of the squads must plant a bomb, and the other team to stop it.
  • Hardcore – this mode is similar to real life. The reason is that weapons are the most effective here and a precise hit will incapacitate the character.
  • Tank Battle Mode – is a team game using designated vehicles. The team with the most eyes wins.

Preset modes are listed, but each gamer has the right to create their own rules and fight by them with their friends.


It should be noted that the graphics are almost perfect, which has been confirmed by many fans of World War Heroes. Did not cause any complaints in management.