Wormax.io Mod (Unlimited Essence/Health)

Category Action
Size 49M
Update: 18/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

Wormax.io is both Snake, popular in the 2000s and Slitherio. However, this game has better graphics and a more engaging storyline. And your character has unusual artifacts, special talents, and skills. You can also play this game with your friends for a lot of fun. To do this, send a personalized link to your friends. Don’t forget the snake’s special ability to become the longest snake in the game.


What is Wormax.io?

Wormax.io is an interesting game about an unusual world where snakes live. Many of them have become the dominant species. And now the snake is the character that you will play. You will need to do your best and take care of your snake so that it becomes stronger and more agile. To do this, you need to inflate the snake so that it grows by leaps and bounds. Mod earns a lot of money will be the chance to get all the benefits in this game.

Highlights of Wormax.io

The developers make sure that this character can reduce his part from time to time. So there are two boosters needed and three additional capabilities. The first type consists of binoculars and a magnet. The binoculars will expand your field of vision and help you better know the scene, and the magnets can attract your favorite balls, which will feed your worms.

Wormax.io Mod

One of the abilities is stealth, it is difficult to overestimate the ability to disappear from the enemy’s eyes. Finally, a full backstop became possible, the second new possibility. Remember how many times you collided with enemies at high speed and wondered why you couldn’t stop the worm.

Well, the third possibility, which is certainly also useful, would be fast acceleration, although for this you have to lose some of your mass. But is it that scary, because the main thing in “Wormax.io” is survival, and the rest is fixable.


Wormax.io game on smartphones and tablets is available in both single-player and in-network modes. By choosing the first option, you can get to know better and learn to survive in the suggested conditions, learn and test your abilities and practice your skills.

Snake Peak.io Mod

And after a full training period, you can go out to meet people, As they say, express yourself and see others. Without a doubt, this option is more dangerous, since there is a rating system in the multiplayer game. This option is more attractive as it allows you to show off your skills and compare yourself with the best players.

For the snake to survive in this world, it is necessary to pump it. And for this, you need to move around the world and pick up colorful spots. These elements are food for fast-growing snakes. You will also encounter snakes controlled by players from different parts of the world. And if these snakes are smaller than yours, then you can destroy them. And if you encounter large snakes, then you need to run away from them as soon as possible and further so that they do not devour your hero.