Zero City iOS Mod 1.35.0 (Unlimited Cryptocoins/Coins)

Category Simulation
Size 110M
Version 1.35.0
Update: 11/11/2022
Install Original android iphone

Zero City: Try to Survive is an addictive game for those who love apocalyptic space, zombies and survival atmosphere. The game has a management element with beautiful graphics as well as an engaging story, which will be appreciated by all fans of the zombie scene.


Every minute more people live and die in the city. And to be saved, you need to build a reliable shelter, organize a base, and collect as many useful resources as possible. Monetization mod will give a unique opportunity to get a lot of useful things.


Zero City gameplay

Players must collect survivors, as well as put everyone in some useful work, so that no one is left sitting still. Let some people go collect resources and necessary things, without it it won’t be able to hold out long enough. And you will also need to regularly fight the zombies that have filled the entire city and can wait at any moment, so you need to be on the lookout and never relax.

zero-city-apk-latest version

What do you need to do to survive?

The undead in the game Zero City: Try to Survive gather in large groups and attack the base to find and eat the survivors. Each person on the team has their own personality and their own profession. So you need to give each survivor the task that he can complete.


You must become a leader, an example for those who have managed to survive, as well as build a reliable base where you need to store weapons, food and necessary items. is different. There is not only an army of zombies waiting for you, but also a dangerous boss. and there are also PvP battles due to the presence of multiplayer. So you can compete with other players!

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