Eternium is a beautiful and addictive role-playing game made in the best traditions of this genre. You will plunge into a fantasy space with an atmospheric soundtrack full of terrible monsters and brave warriors, crushing weapons, and powerful magic. Choose the hero you will play as a wizard, a warrior, or a bandit, and go to the battlefields among the three worlds.

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Eternium differs from other RPGs with simple commands, such as “tap to move” to move the character with a light touch and “swipe to cast” to cast a spell across the screen. Also, the game does not have a paywall; you do not need to pay to win. The game can be played offline, except for a few online options. Eternium is free to play. Gems, the game’s main currency, can be collected from enemies and during quests. There is no limit to stamina or energy. The best things in the game are earned by playing, not by paying. Play as a Mage, Warrior, or Hunter, armed with a sword, axe, staff, or gun. Learn new abilities and improve your attributes.

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Fight against skeletons, zombies, automatons, aliens, dragons, and other creatures in three beautiful worlds, hand-drawn or endlessly generated levels. Go to dark caves and dungeons, explore forests and villages, conquer snowy peaks, travel to the moon and destroy strange creatures among craters and canyons, and explore the red planet’s deserts, pyramids, and jungles. Open treasure chests and take gold, gems, and combat equipment. Equip gleaming breastplates, helmets and hoods, shoulder spikes, and mysterious cloaks. Protect yourself with a shield, or instead of a shield and a weapon, equip yourself with two types of weapons for combat. Protect your tank in Eternium, healers, and ranger companions who will join you during the battle. Use their abilities. Hunt your sworn enemy, trying to uncover and disrupt his evil plans.


You will visit creepy dungeons, forests, cemeteries, and other hostile locations. You will encounter the undead, robots, demons, and and dragons on your way. All of them are very strong, and will take remarkable strength and courage to defeat such enemies. Upgrade your character, raise his level, bestow various skills, equip rare armor and weapons, and then he will be an invincible warrior, ready to resist everyone who gets in his way. Good luck in battle!

Look for gems in Eternium that can be placed in your armor. Create rings and amulets. Smelt three products into one of higher quality. Unleash excellent offensive abilities like Whirlwind, Shockwave, Arc Lightning, or Blizzard, control the enemy crowd with Ice Nova, Whirlwind, Silence, or defend with Smokescreen and Traps. Each hero class in Eternium has access to 20 abilities (skills or spells), and each of your three companions has four more. In addition to the three story-driven actions, you will find a continuous development of beautiful, randomly generated levels in the Trial of Valor game mode.

How to Redeem Code for Eternium

To redeem a gift code in Eternium, follow these steps. Open the game on your device and tap on the "Settings" button. In the settings menu, tap on the "Redeem Code" option. Enter the gift code provided and click on "Redeem." If the code is valid, you will receive the corresponding rewards instantly in your game account. Enjoy the new items, skills, or any other bonuses the gift code provides and continue your adventures in Eternium.

List of Eternium Codes

1. JJKL42FE: Redeem this code to unlock a special armor set and a powerful weapon in Eternium.
2. BMK67ETN: Use this gift code to get a limited edition pet companion that will assist you in battles.
3. 89DH4N73: This code grants you access to an exclusive dungeon with rare loot and valuable resources.
4. PLF9X92B: Unlock a secret character skin and additional customization options with this gift code.
5. H6G82MKL: Get a massive stash of gold and gems to upgrade your gear and abilities with this code.
6. XWTS15GF: Redeeming this code unlocks a powerful spellbook containing secret spells and abilities.
7. Y7C48EVB: Receive a unique mount that will let you travel faster and in style with this gift code.
8. RTF38LMP: Get a bundle of potions and elixirs to boost your character's attributes and increase your chances of success in battles.


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