NameEvertech Sandbox
ReleaseIronTube Games

In Evertech Sandbox, you can build quite complex mechanisms from seemingly simple blocks. There will be enough blocks, natural and craziest jet engines, wheels, unique blocks, and everything that can be built in the future. Not only can you make a cool car, but you can also make a train, elevator, rocket, and more. No one knows what will come to your mind, but it will be interesting. Share your growth with friends and with others on social networks. Updates are released weekly, so you’ll soon be able to build something completely original. Great graphics in every sense, a fun game, and plenty of features to entertain every player. Show all your abilities, make everything you can, and play this fantastic Evertech Sandbox.

Evertech Sandbox MOD

This game was played nast old version but this version hope will be added new mod new map and new thing/new item. I like building car but this game has more than that.It can build ship,plane and another mechines.So I rate this game call Evertech Sandbox to all the 5 stars.I guess you creater.. Great game some people complaining that there's no tutorial there is. In the main menu there should be a button saying tutorial like bruh. we might need a new update it's been 7 months since then,more gas engines, more circuits, more wheels, more seats, more things. Thank you for the game! It's been a great game I've played for years, perhaps the closest thing to scrap machanic on pc. Many good builds and playing with logic gates was most fun. I only wish it was a full team project, it's so dedicated of you to develop this game solo/with small team. Thanks again!. Wow I see mods I can build airplane Nices how much is a secret? No a secret or something secret?.

Evertech Sandbox APK

The game is really fun but I wish There was more Stuff that would help you fly Like helicopter engines And wings. Such a good game , but i will like a welding tool :) The game has good graphic and physics and endless build options. pls can you get rid of this bug because when I place a wing in a Bering it won't let me place the wing plssssssssssssss can you get rid of the bug in the New apdate it's so anoying.. This game is good but add more like horn destroy gun | nice game do you add voicechat in multiplayer i hope you add voicechat.

Evertech Sandbox APK

I think you need more variety or wheels all different sizes and windows because it would make game play so much better having a ton of working/rolling wheels to make cars, trucks, lifts, and gates please add these things. You could add a paint gun like in scrap mechanic because it would be so much easier.. I made a review a while ago and wanted to say that there was a tutorial before, im guessing they just removed it, if you don't know how to play just watch a video.. This game is awesome. It has everything, but the one thing I really want is a friends list in multiplayer. That would be awesome. Thanks irontube. HI THIS GAME IS NOT THAT BAD BUT THERE IS A LOT OF BUGS IN THIS GAME LIKE SUSPENSION IF I USE IT THE CAR IS SO GOOFY BUT MAKE MORE UPDATES MODS DONT REALLY WORK THAT WELL BUT I LIKE IT :).

Evertech Sandbox APK

No, just no, an F for you. Like when i watched an ads to unlock something its fuvking freezes, and crashes later on, like like, all your hard work vanished into thin air, i raged all in anger pls add auto save per 2-4 muintes. I miss this game for 5 years... I decided to download this addictive game again because I support the developers who made this game awesome with the glitches and pre alpha. Good alternative to scrap mechanic on your phone but... The community is pretty dead It doesn't get updated anymore And the graphics could be better. Best part is i can actually make a artillery with functional loading block's but the weld tool is still in progress this game is cool and fun Although some time it's just hard to reset your vehicle when you make mistakes maybe like accidentally deleted the wrong block so please if can add a restart button on the remote appreciate it.

Can you make an official piston block like I know that there's already two mods for it but I just don't want to re-download the mods again when I remove them. Fix some bug in multiplayer mode because when we use physics switch the platform got down up down up down. I have a problem with your app, sometimes when I load a blueprint the game randomly crashes for no reason pls fix this.. I hope you come across this Irontube, you probably might be wondering why ever tech sandbox has been declining in popularity even after multiplayer. No offense but I suggest that you make a building mechanism that leans towards plane crazy or trailmakers since these are some of the most popular building sandbox games .The building mechanism is easier thereandpromotes a wide variety of building options.evertech sandbox isn't dead, you can make it a mobile hit. people love trailmakers, is it costs.

amazing free game but because it's a mobile game, it's not so practical. Still, if you have enough free time and patience, you can do basically anything. It's a good game but there are lots of buds so please fix it and also add new mods and updates . A pretty good game ngl not bad at all, I like everything in this game, from A to Z bottom to top, the mods, maps, and the entire game is the best, so I come up with 5 stars, best game I've played so far, just I wanted new mods with updates and such(same goes with maps) not bad game at all /srsly. Best game and lots of thing to explore in this game and create new things There is one glitch over there when i ll trying to open mods there is showing error again and again please fix this problem.

I want the ability to pick things up. At least add a block that is named "Pick up" description: Allows you to pick things up. Why? You may ask? BECAUSE I HAVE TO USE A FREAKING PAINTBRUSH MOD. AND I WOULD LIKE AN AK JET THRUSTER FOR F R E E. i have a problem when i fly a airplane when i was so high into the sky and it glitches it shakes so strong it falls down to the ground and I can't fly so you can fix that problem please . The game is so good and wild though. but i kinda having a lot of trouble with the physics's and the suspension when the suspension gets too tight at it place the car suddenly moves it self even the steering wheels moving like crazy but to be honest your game is the best yeah that's true I'm not gonna lie and i kinda want to request something i wanted a system that constantly functions nor which components it was connected in that's all again it is a nice game keep going on it. I can't download any mods because of an error in the game which says that it has no data in response .

Good game but the reason why I give 4stars is when I go to download mods the mods don't appear and it says error no data found which makes me sad because those mods where good so please fix that keep up the good work thanks. Everything works but the mod section it is receiving no data response I have done everything I can to fix it and I can not get it to work. I would love this game but I would love it even more if there was a turning train tracks mod. And also it is impossible to make a submarine. And on the ropes mod the rope goes through EVERYTHING. And on muiltiplayer others can break your stuff u build. And i realy liked the build battles Other than that its perfect. So if u could add turning tracks and edit the ropes so they dont go through any thing and make the phisics more real. acualy chains would be nice as well but not needed..

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v0.7.8517 • November 25, 2023

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