NameGlam Frenzy: Dress to Duel
CategoryNew Game
Size135 MB
ReleaseSims Puzzle Games

Glam Frenzy: Dress to Duel is an exciting game that revolves around the world of fashion and dueling. Players are immersed in a highly competitive fashion arena where they must dress up their characters in the most stylish outfits to win against opponents in duels. The game offers a wide range of fashion items, accessories, and hairstyles to choose from, allowing players to showcase their creativity and design skills. With each successful duel, players earn points and unlock new levels, gaining recognition and climbing the leaderboards. Glam Frenzy: Dress to Duel provides a thrilling gaming experience for fashion enthusiasts who enjoy both style and competition.

Glam Frenzy: Dress to Duel MOD

Its sooo fun u pick a dress or a shirt or pants and a scert and they have the most beutyful cloth and hair get this appp!! Its realy fun u play from people all over the worl in diffrent stats. A terrible game...I was very excited to download it as I love glam but it was such a disappointment all the makeup items and dresses are either for VIP'S or you have to watch a video to get it ....a horrendous game totally deserves zero stars.. I enjoy it I enjoy winning and i enjoy dressing people up and doing their make upthis is the best fashion frenzy stylist game where I have an opponent to compete with. Amazing game please tell me if this brand makes more games I love this .Although it brings to many ads between the game but I am sure once you will play this you are going to love this game . One of the best dress up games there is. Lots of choices lots of free choices. So many cool hair styles..

Glam Frenzy: Dress to Duel APK

My daughter loves this game that she isn't playing other games I'm thankful for you guys or one person making this game. Looks good but when I go into the game it doesn't work so it has to work now plz and download finish I am ready to play this game and win. I love it and like there so many options and it's super easy to learn how to play and this the best. This game is very fun I really don't like how most of the clothes cost an add but overall the game is fun.

Glam Frenzy: Dress to Duel APK

This is really nice game the outfits in this game are soo nice as it is so beautiful I really love this game. I live this game so much it has so much outfits but you have to watch an ad for it I'm rating it 5 stars because it said if I do I'll get a gift lol 10/10. Sjkxhugrjn jussgklohgefbj kyrsdg hai kya hai purn se nikala hai abhi 2 ghanta Ho Gaya hai yaar aur tu mere ko bhi bahut bahut badhai ho to vahi so jana hai yaar aur tu mere ko bhi bahut bahut badhai ho to vahi so jana hai yaar aur tu mere ko bhi bahut bahut badhai ho to vahi. I would give this game 5 stars, but when I go on any item to see how it looks like, It won't get me out of it by pressing on the mark to get out of it, so I am forced to watch the ad to get out. Frustrating..

Glam Frenzy: Dress to Duel APK

it's really cool all the outfits are awesome and it doesn't have any ads at least not much. it's just a fun game to clear my head.. This game is amazing because I want to be a fashion dosingner and now I'm practicing and I'm saying thank you so much that I made my own beautiful dress now all the people want my dress now I'm a fashion dosingner and thank you . The game glitches when I'm choosing a outfit . Or I was wrong this game is great,I can play anywhere without Wi-fi.i love the clothes if your looking for interesting download the game . I just installed this and I haven't even played it for more than 10 minutes and I'm already going to install it. What's up with all these games that have so many freaking ads!!!? It's also stupid that many of the makeover stuff you have to watch more ads or pay to get it. I was hoping this would be a good one since it has 4.9 stars but I think 2 stars that im giving is probably too much. I'm going back to fashion stylist... still ads on it but not as much..

This is a really good game and it has the latest fashion.I'm happy with the experience I have in the game. It is slow sometimes but it is very good and it's easy to earn money to buy your favorite outfits and products . I give it a bigggggg 9.5/10 ..

Download ( V1.1.4 )

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