Heroes: Magic World Inferno is an updated version of the original Heroes: Magic World with many new units. You can meet succubus, devils, ifrit, Cerberus, and many other mythical creatures here. Also, a new large map is available, which you can explore with your heroes, where you will find many secret places, opponents, and endless treasures!

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This strategy has absorbed all the best features of the cult games of this genre. Classic turn-based battles require you to line up based on your opponent’s strengths and place your forces correctly. Develop your kingdom where you can build different buildings, solid walls, and defensive structures to defend against enemy assaults. Hire warriors, magicians, and powerful creatures, gather a powerful army, and choose heroes who will lead them into battle!


Five exciting campaigns are available in the game to tell you the story of this world and the threat hanging over it. Everything, of course, depends on the side you choose – evil or good. Thanks to well-designed graphics and high-quality animation, a unique atmosphere is created in which you want to immerse yourself repeatedly!

How to Redeem Code for Magic World: Inferno

To redeem a gift code in Magic World: Inferno, follow these steps:

1. Open the game and tap on the "Menu" button.
2. Look for the "Gift Code" option and tap on it.
3. Enter the gift code provided and tap on the "Redeem" button.
4. Confirm the redemption by tapping "OK".
5. The gift code rewards will be automatically added to your account.
6. Enjoy your new rewards and use them to enhance your gameplay in Magic World: Inferno.

List of Magic World: Inferno Codes

1. Code: MWI00123 - Unleash the power of the inferno with this gift code! Receive an exclusive set of inferno-themed avatar accessories and a powerful fire spell to dominate your enemies in Magic World: Inferno.

2. Code: MWI00567 - Get ready to ignite the battlefield with this gift code! Unlock a flaming mount that will leave a blazing trail wherever you go, along with a special fiery armor set to protect you in battle.

3. Code: MWI00987 - Embrace the heat of the inferno with this gift code! Gain access to a secret dungeon filled with rare loot and face formidable fire-themed bosses for a chance to acquire legendary weapons and armor.

4. Code: MWI01345 - Unleash your inner fire mage with this gift code! Obtain a unique spellbook containing powerful fire spells that can scorch your enemies to ashes, and enhance your spellcasting abilities with a magical fire amulet.

5. Code: MWI01789 - Dive into the depths of the inferno with this gift code! Receive a special questline that will challenge your bravery and cunning, leading you to uncover hidden treasures and unlock a fearsome fire elemental companion.

6. Code: MWI02237 - Rise from the ashes with this gift code! Gain access to a secret infernal realm where you can train with powerful fire masters to unlock a new fiery transformation that grants enhanced abilities and devastating attacks.

7. Code: MWI02891 - Become the ultimate pyromancer with this gift code! Unlock special fire-based spells and skills that will set the battlefield ablaze, while also receiving an exclusive flaming weapon and matching armor set.

8. Code: MWI03469 - Harness the power of the inferno with this gift code! Discover a hidden mystic cave filled with ancient fire runes, allowing you to master fire magic and unleash devastating fireballs upon your enemies in Magic World: Inferno.


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