Embark on an epic adventure in the Magic World: Inferno with Heroes Magic World Games. Immerse yourself in a world of strategy and turn-based combat as you journey through mystical lands, battling formidable foes and mastering powerful spells. Collect Inferno codes to unlock new abilities and allies, enhancing your tactics in this captivating realm of magic and mystery.

Latest of Heroes Magic World Inferno Promo Codes


Explore the mystical depths of the Abyssal Caverns with a party of 5 and unlock hidden artifacts, weapons, and spells.

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Coupon: “Mystical Madness in Magic World: Inferno! Redeem for a secret spell book, powerful potion, enchanted armor, or legendary weapon.”

How to Redeem Code for Magic World: Inferno

To redeem a gift code in Magic World: Inferno, open the game and navigate to the settings or options menu. Look for the "Redeem Code" section, enter the gift code, and follow the on-screen instructions to claim your rewards.

List of Magic World: Inferno Codes

1. Code: MWI12345
Gift: Fireblade Sword
Description: A powerful weapon that unleashes devastating fire attacks on enemies.

2. Code: MWI67890
Gift: Phoenix Amulet
Description: This mystical amulet grants the wearer the ability to summon a fiery phoenix to aid in battles.

3. Code: MWI54321
Gift: Inferno Robes
Description: These enchanted robes provide protection against fire damage and boost the wearer's magical abilities.

4. Code: MWI98765
Gift: Flameburst Ring
Description: A ring that imbues the wearer with the power to unleash explosive fire bursts at foes.

5. Code: MWI24680
Gift: Volcanic Shield
Description: This shield absorbs fire attacks and reflects them back at the attacker.

6. Code: MWI13579
Gift: Dragonfire Potion
Description: An elixir that temporarily enhances the user's fire magic abilities.

7. Code: MWI80246
Gift: Lava Armor
Description: A set of armor made from volcanic rock that boosts the wearer's defense against fire-based attacks.

8. Code: MWI36981
Gift: Blaze Wand
Description: A wand that channels the power of inferno, allowing the user to cast powerful fire spells.