Jewel Four Seasons: Match3 is an exciting puzzle game from V2R, offering a delightful and addictive gameplay experience. Dive into a world of colorful jewels and challenging levels as you match your way through the four seasons. With engaging graphics and intuitive controls, this game is perfect for players of all ages who love a good brain-teaser.

Latest of Jewel Four Seasons : Match3 Redeem Codes


Unlock the Crystal Realm with exclusive power-ups, rare gems, and enchanting boosts to enhance your gameplay experience in style.


“Unlock rare gems, extra moves, and special power-ups with this coupon in Jewel Four Seasons: Match3, the ultimate puzzle adventure!”

How to Redeem Code for Jewel Four Seasons : Match3

To redeem a gift code in Jewel Four Seasons: Match3, open the game and navigate to the settings menu. Locate the "Redeem Code" option, enter the code, and click "Confirm" to receive your reward.

List of Jewel Four Seasons : Match3 Codes

1. JFSMGIFT01 - Enjoy a special gift to help you conquer challenging levels.
2. JFSMGIFT02 - Unlock exclusive power-ups to crush jewels and reach new high scores.
3. JFSMGIFT03 - Receive bonus gems that will boost your progress in the game.
4. JFSMGIFT04 - Get a free booster pack to advance through levels with ease.
5. JFSMGIFT05 - Claim your reward and dazzle your way through the Jewel Four Seasons.
6. JFSMGIFT06 - Discover hidden treasures with this unique gift code.
7. JFSMGIFT07 - Enhance your gameplay with extra lives and moves.
8. JFSMGIFT08 - Embark on a new adventure with this exciting in-game gift.