Discover a world of fun and excitement in HeroZ & ToyZ : Meta Toy City! Dive into the immersive gameplay and unlock hidden secrets with codes from the publisher Z5Games. Use your strategic skills to build a thriving city and become the ultimate hero of the toy world. Get ready to embark on an epic adventure like never before!

Latest of HeroZ & ToyZ : Meta Toy City Redeem Codes

p7Gurna9XXX Get

A magical chest appears with gifts: a mythical sword for power, enchanted armor for protection, and a flying mount for speed.


Unlock a secret quest, gain a rare weapon, get 100 gold coins, or win a magical pet in Meta Toy City!

How to Redeem Code for HeroZ & ToyZ : Meta Toy City

To redeem a gift code in HeroZ & ToyZ: Meta Toy City, open the game, locate the gift code redemption section, enter the code, and claim your rewards. Enjoy exclusive in-game items and bonuses!

List of HeroZ & ToyZ : Meta Toy City Codes

1. Code: HTZMT19G - Unlock exclusive in-game costumes for your heroes!
2. Code: TOYZMT22X - Receive a special gift pack filled with rare toys and items!
3. Code: CITYMT10Z - Get a bonus upgrade for your city in Meta Toy City!
4. Code: HEROZMT15Y - Enjoy extra power-ups for your hero characters!
5. Code: TOYMT18H - Access a secret level with hidden treasures for your toys!
6. Code: ZMTCTY07A - Win limited edition collectibles for your Meta Toy City collection!
7. Code: HTYZMT12B - Redeem a free trial of premium features for HeroZ & ToyZ.
8. Code: MTZCIT29R - Unlock a mystery gift that will enhance your gaming experience in Meta Toy City.


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