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The Home Run High recreation has excellent 3D graphics and straightforward controls, making certain consolation throughout gaming classes. In this manner, you’ll be able to give attention to imparting expertise and self-discipline to your staff. Home Run High has easy gameplay that requires you to prepare your teammates for various baseball tournaments relentlessly. How effectively you’re employed as a staff will decide whether or not or not you’ll succeed. Initially, you’ll begin with a small membership after little publicity. Your job will probably be to present correct baseball teaching to all staff members. In this manner, you can ensure that you may be transferred to an enormous baseball staff synonymous with recreation success.

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I enjoyed the game I'm still playing it there's 12 play through I'm using The characters from the 1st play play to beat the 2nd. Really fun game. Worth the money, especially with no ads. Way more emotionally invested in pixel kids baseball than I expected I could be.. My team seems to get worse the more I practice? I save scummed to experiment by playing the same team over and over, I won about 50% of the time, and my team is rated A LOT higher than the opposing team. Makes no sense. Big fan of Kairsoft games normally, but this one, not so much.. Most fun Kairosoft game. Unlike the golf game, character progression is huge here and required to advance in the game. The best strategy game they've had!. It's a great game only real problem is the controls. Always clicking stuff you don't want to but that doesn't bother me too much.

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Once again, I am happy with Kairosoft. I may not do a second playthrough this time, but they have an engaging game here that allows you to speed through the baseball games if you want, or take on a more hands on approach.. Nice Game to play to pass time. No pay to win just strategy. It needs more to be a great game. This game is a lot of fun. I'd honestly rate it 4 stars, but I want to support the developers. The art is great and there's 0 pay to win or ads. It's just an old school fun game. There's a lot of minor gripes I have, but s lot of them are personal preference about game mechanics. Overall I have played this game for about 25 hours which is the most I've played a mobile game in a very long time. Definitely my favorite baseball game since baseball superstars in 2012.. It's another pretty solid addition to the Kairosoft Universe, and when combined with a love of baseball, it could be one of the better entries..

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A bit of a grind but super fun to develop fun mini head cannon narratives for the players you develop.. This game was made free on the iOS app store for Japan winning the WBC. It was not made free on the Play Store. Shame on you for not treating your android users the same as your iOS users. You also did the same with Ski Safari.. Why do they force you to play playoff games against teams that are way better? I just lost 10-0 against a team that i knew would destroy me. Making the team even slightly better takes a lot of time..and by the time you improve, 3rd year players leave and you're back to square one. One of the worst baseball games I have ever played it's everything but baseball I played for 10 min and it's just them going to school and practicing not once did I play a game.

Home Run High APK

The game in itself is really fun. It's easy enough to understand but heard enough that you won't win straight away. You'll need to be smart with how you train your players as they graduate after 3 years meaning you could lose your best player. So you always need to have a new person trained. Something I neglected and now I have no pitcher. It's a 4 star however for me as it feels like there is a set amount of strategies that will almost always work. The game still has challenge to it though.. I think its fun but I got in to year two month 10 and it keeps freezing when I try to go into games like my save got corrupted. Really cute and charming. Very unique, instead of coaching an MLB team you coach a high school team. My only complaint is that it's not worth $8 and it's worth around three or four dollars.. Best baseball team management game. I wish the game could have a move button so i can move the buildong instead off demolish and rebuilding it again. Tq.

Fantastic game with lots of replay value. New game plus after completing it is maybe the best out there. Carry over a ton of your work.. This game is so awful. No progression. You can't win at all. Terrible game. I want a refund and of course there's no way to do so. Love the game but now I got to a level and it went black, I want refund or resolution. It is going to make me in the future stop playing these games.. One of my favourite Kairosoft games. I love baseball so this just hits all of the right notes for me..

Thoroughly meh, but I'm not a baseball fan, so maybe that's just me. Although I'm not a fan of running hotels, shopping malls or ski resorts either but they were a bit more fun than this. It's obviously a slow burner like most Kairosoft games, takes a while to get up to speed, but this doesn't feel like the one.. I really love this game, I have become addicted to these Kairosoft games and I figure out new things everyday. All of their games are great, but I think this one is my favorite. I really enjoyed this game, I have enjoyed quite a few of your games actually. I'm a very sporty person and you have covered alot, with that being said can you pleaseeeeee do one for volleyball? Id buy that so fast. hey devs why no black or dark skinned players? everyone is a generic white look. other than that game is great..

It is a great game. Although it would be better if there is more customization option. The UI could be fixed to be much simpler as well. My first review got taken down... Because you can't move facilities until you've "progressed far enough," which is incredibly poor design. As a noob I blocked off many facilities and had to not use them or sacrifice them for no return value to free walkways. Besides this, the UI info and selection screens leave out a lot of crucial information, like pitcher skills and statistics. Most actions are many layers of menus deep, and require you to click "back" out of every menu.. Always a fan of kairosoft games. This one took a while to get the mechanics of it, but after a couple of play throughs, it makes sense. One of the better games. Fast mode is too fast.. Awesome game. Would like name customization to be a bit longer. The ability to lock a player in a certain position would be nice to, easier to rotate the team that way. Pitchers in relief also do significantly worse than leaving a tired starter in. Small things. Great game though..

Minimal price for an excellent game without any of the normal purchase based requirements of nearly all "free" mobile games.. Took me a lot of grinding to finally win the summer series. Great game. Only issue is the sort of randomness in the amount of bonus that items give. This game is very good and if you like watching your players perform excellent this is the game to play. The only thing I do not like about this gaming company is they do not have a american football high school or college game. Everything else I love keep up the good work and make that game. Not much a fan of baseball but this is a fun long game. Im on newgame+ 8 and still havent beaten S rank tournaments..

This game has been one of the most exciting games I have ever played I just want the summer series I was training my team to be the best that can be and all the hard work finally paid off I really enjoy this game very much probably one of my favorites I hope you guys keep making more games just like this I would really love if you guys made a football game of this I would honestly buy it all your games are amazing keep up the hard work hope you guys keep making amazing games just like this.. I didn't particularly enjoy baseball before buying this game but after having played it for the last two weeks i can say I've gained a much better appreciation for baseball and it's strategies. The game is designed well and is just purely fun to play. I got invested in my players and when they graduated i was always bummed to see em go. My only complaint is your team never starts 2nd and no home field. The game was so enjoyable that I'll have to check out some more games from this developer.. I won the summer tournament 9 - 8. It was the 9th inning with the other team on third base 2 outs, 2 strikes, and 3 balls. Thought the enemy batter would get a homerun to win the game but my pitcher Bob Man came in clutch and struck him out. 10/10 would get a heart attack again.. Great game, Kairosoft makes some exceptional sim/ building games and home run high is no exception. The only reason for 4 stars is the inability to take a more direct approach to giving commands to players makes the game feel a little rigid. Overall well worth the money..

Love this Game however I have noticed that in the tournaments when it says who you are playing next and 2ho you play next don't always show the same opponent. Other then that it's a great game. Good game for management..would like it better if you could have the option to either play games or just manage. Other than that it's enjoyable. Amazing game it is fun to play and you hqve to use stratogy in the game you n3ed to make sure players are both good at their position and like it to u also have to look at batting and training its more fun then i expected though it seems a bit expensive. I enjoy all your games. I think generally if you did get cloud save or one app to access all games threw it like a kario land. It will over all improve but who cares games are awesome. Keep making what people want. I see you do. We appreciate it..

Great game you get a a lot of small details you wouldn't normally get in a mobile game Ive lost many hours to this game definitely worth the asking price. All of the games creates by this company are fantastic! I would recommend making a American Football version into a game, because that would be something I would highly enjoy and I'm sure a lot of others would too! Keep up the great work!. Out of all of kairosoft this is by far my favorite so much fun great replayability and it just gets better and better. This game is amazing and I really like this. But I think it could be better. It could allow you to save data so you don't have to start from 0 again after you reinstall. New Game + it's amazing. However, as I said before, a cloud save would be awesome. Keep up the good work!.

The game is great and a huge time waster! Controls could use some reworking though. Still a must buy for fans of managing teams. Even if you're not a baseball fan you'd enjoy this game. I feel like the XP you gain from training sometime isn't enough. Does become a grind to improve players..

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