Idle Kingdom Clicker Mod Varies with device (Unlimited Gems/Money)

Thể LoạiMô phỏng
Kích ThướcVaries with device
Phiên BảnVaries with device
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Cập Nhật:09/02/2022
Cài bản Gốc android

Idle Kingdom Clicker is a rather unusual combination of economic strategy, city-building simulator, and clicker by developers from game studio Phantorama Games GmbH, which will make you feel like a ruler. real of faraway lands, develop his state.

Idle Kingdom Clicker

The main feature of this game is that here you will not have complete control over everything, from building a palace to building a goat stable, because you have more important things to do. You will have to create your growth strategy, as well as allow the city to follow this strategy.

Idle Kingdom Clicker Mod

At the same time, at this point, it is not necessary to enter the game at all, since the kingdom will develop on its own: sawmills and quarries will regularly generate resources from which houses and shops will be constructed, and residents will regularly pay taxes. of which will be for the development of the kingdom, allowing you to get even more resources and money.

The most important thing in the game Idle Kingdom Clicker will be to create the right development strategy and sometimes adjust it so that your kingdom not only grows but also develops. And to neutralize all the risks, you can use a mod with a large amount of money, which will allow you to quickly establish autonomous resource production.

Hack Idle Kingdom Clicker

You can develop trade, create an army, and occupy other people’s lands to expand your territory. At the same time, the game has a reset system that allows you to start over, but with some advantages over the previous start. For example, you will have a little more resources at the beginning.