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MARVEL Strike Force


Get ready for bloody battles that will take place with rather evil enemies.

Join Forces and Fight Back

Download MARVEL Strike Force for android, you have to meet with your allies to discuss the intense struggle with numerous enemies. No one can believe that our planet will become the site of the most terrible events. Aliens will attack her, and all superheroes and supervillains will try to protect Earth.

Choose Your Superheroes

You can play as a variety of superheroes who will protect all living things. Pick up a great squad and get ready for the most important battles of your life. Pick up special equipment for them, excellent weapons and armor, so as not to immediately be on the verge of destruction.

Strategize and Dominate

Assemble your new squad wisely, develop your attack scheme and perform the most incredible combos. The battle will take place five by five, so here you can face the most powerful enemies of modern times. All battles will definitely capture you, as they are made with excellent gameplay videos and the coolest tricks.

Visual Feast and Immersive Gameplay

You will be able to appreciate the excellent graphics, super sound and many gaming moments that will be encountered for the first time. It is possible that this game project will take you for a long time and it will be impossible to tear yourself away from it.

Download ( V8.0.1 )

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