NameMerge Kingdom!
Size74.96 Mb
ReleaseGram Games Limited

A magical kingdom and a lot of exciting events await you. Merge Kingdom! it is here that you will have to do complicated things, but in the end, completely regenerate your kingdom.

It’s time to go on the most exciting journey and be in the most mysterious places of this game world. You must fully explore these spaces, visit the mysterious lands and find something new.

Everything here is infected with a terrible plague, and the kingdom is dormant and waiting for its hero. No one can yet imagine what lies ahead for them. They need a strong hero who will solve this downtrodden kingdom’s problems.

You must completely rebuild your town, pick up a good army and fight terrible opponents. Your heroes will receive legendary items, and you will be able to resist the most powerful bosses.

Try to expand, solve numerous problems, and capture new territories. Can you imagine what lies ahead for you? Only you are obliged to restore complete order here, destroy any enemy and restore the entire proclamation here. You will find many exciting and memorable things, but you still have to become a hero.

Merge Kingdom! MOD

I loved this game but I can't even get the stupid thing to open now won't load at all even tried Uninstaller and installing it again. 10 Nov 2022 Won't load past the first title screen Was a fun game but it was very slow waiting for energy to use for collecting, fight and explore features. I'm playing on my new phone, and my account is reset to new, and then now having so much bug, like it's lagging on samsung galaxy a71, then in the arena the matchmaking is so unfair, next is the prices in shop is too damn overpriced.. Loved this game. But havent been able to play in months... same as others. Xxm xxs on the achievements on the left and everything is frozen. Cannot do anything no matter how long i wait. Please fix and i will give 5 stars again. Gets to a certain level and freezes. Has done this 3 separate times now. So have to uninstall again...will not download again..

Merge Kingdom! APK

Reinstalled and no progress saved? I was really far into the game and uninstalled because of space issues. After reinstalling the game later I found out that all my progress. Which contains some purchases as well are not saved on my account. Please get me my progress back. Please add a confirmation feature to collect stars. Every single time I scroll my screen it registers it as me collecting and I can never seem to make progress because of this. I love the game, it's why I'm very sad to say that it's bugged now beyond being playable. It loads but I can't tap anything, can't move the view, the stars have x's instead of timers beneath them. I'd love it, if I could get an update to fix this so I can boot it again. Been this way for at least a week now. I'm more than willing to change rating once the game works again ;). I like the game but there is no exit feature. It also seems like development of the game has stop..

Merge Kingdom! APK

Really love this game but now I'm level 100 and am stuck with the quest to heal land but there's no more land to heal. What do I do?. Quick play. No spending long time stints as you rank up. Better that enemies are shaddows of heroes in improved game compared to original release. Ideal for children on parental controlled screen time.. For some reason I can't use Google play to buy stuff I would like an actual nation net there is a bug understand that you're on it I'm fixing it and I will be patient. Was a good game when it was first released. Now it doesn't even load anymore. Looks like gram games have abandoned the game completely. You can't find it when you search on Google play and the company has removed it from their website and from the list of games in Google play..

Merge Kingdom! APK

After a certain point it freezes and you lose everything because the developers wont get back to you or fix the issue. It's happened to me twice now. Dont waste your time. Game is fun to play but I purchased the 30 day of gems and they disappeared after 2 days. Have contacted them but no reply. I recommend not spending any money buying gems.. fun, but in app purchases don't work properly, a 30 day pack lasted two days, i tried contacting the developer and got no response. After playing for nearly a year it froze up and is useless.. Don't mind the game itself but unless you spend a lot of money you have to do a lot of waiting! I'm not that patient, unfortunately! A whole lot frustrating!.

not happy!! haven't been able to use the app for over a week. emailed about issues no answer back. had paid for daily gems as well so that was a waste. no any new contents after 4month, this game just died. Roles are unbalanced, after i got mage epic, i won 99% of fights.. I am seriously thinking support is non existent for this game/company i contacted a week ago about my 30 day 30 gem chest disappearing no reply or fix beyond the automated initial reply that case will be reviewed. Long time ago it was my fav game it's good that your dialogs are fast but those tituruals with a fade out ommmgg why? Frustration overkill from first seconds of the game. Winning animations are so flash like I win the battle of the year and not just got a simple upgrade, that's what happens when you have no logic in delivered feedback.

I came back after a very long time of being away and at first I was disappointed when I couldn't log into my old save. but I have to admit the game has grown alot since the start and I would NOT change a thing you have done. I log in several times a day to pass the time and I'm growing stronger literally everytime I log in, it's great! Maybe some more challenges October than the few daily ones would keep me on all day but I won't judge for that, keep up the good work!. Game is fun but very laggy and buggy in places. Bought a 30 day gem pack that only lasted 2 days. Everything is way too expensive, very greedy game. The "ranking" system doesn't work. At first I was rocketing up the ladder but the last week I haven't won a single match and I've almost hit the lowest rank again.. Game is fun but support seems to be non existant. Sent 2 emails to support directly from the game about my issue but still no response after weeks. *EDIT* Gave it 3 starts initially but has to downgrade to 1 as gameplay has become monotonous over time with no update on sight.. I put off rating this game for awhile, when I did the game locked up on me. I had to uninstall it and reinstall it. All my progress has been reset except the arena..

Uninstall , I don't like the fact that you get so far then leave the game for awhile and when I went back , they took away some of my work , there are much better merging games , this one really sucks!. I used to love this game and thought it was Quiet awsome now i hate this game if i don't play it for a few weeks the game gets reset all my time and money is also wasted there is no connect to Facebook or anything like that so you can save your progress i Strongly recommend Not bothering with this game unless this floor is fixed. It is an ok game. But energy takes too long to regenerate, and even though I still have items to discover, the discovery reward mechanic has maxed out.....which is frustrating It takes ages to discover new items too, and I have a huge clutter of half-made items on my island. I hope that there is an update that increases the discover items reward mechanic, and also speeds up energy regeneration.. It was really fun before but I don't know why the game just doesn't work anymore. It freezes after the game finishes loading and you literally can't play..

Was playing until the part to name your kingdom came up. No keypad showed up to type on so screen wouldn't change. Essential it was stuck on that screen without the ability to move on. Deleted app.. Glitches seem to occur every now and then. The discovery vial stops filling up after a while or freezes once it's full. The 30 day gem pack only works for a week max! This app is out to cheat your money. You can play without buying gems but it takes super long to upgrade so nit really worth the wait.. If I could give negative stars, I would. The game is fine, I enjoy it, but there are glitches when merging items if you aren't in the main kingdom screen. I've brought this to their attention but their customer service is dreadful. They responded asking to send my data files, which I didn't know how to do. Once I did figure it out, they didn't respond.. The game just reset my progress!!! It literally reset it so I went to a YouTube video and they got 50,000 gems!!!!!!!!! Then why didn't I get gems!!! So please fix this and give me gems too!!!!!!.

I bought a gem package 30 gems for 30 days but after the first 2 day the gems stopped appearing the box had disappeared and after sending the support staff multiple emails they haven't bothered to reply unacceptable honestly. I loved merge magic and merge dragon but this game has taken my patience and good humor away! Waiting around for power to be regained and land to be cleared is painful ! I see the potential but please for the love of god, tweak the heck out of it and I'll give it another try.. Worst game ever worst development team worst experience gram games it a total joke..beware they will steal from you... At first this game is great! But it very quickly dies down to no more then 5 minutes of gameplay ever 12 hours.. everything takes energy. It should take some tips from its sister game mergedragons..

I likw this game BUT My discovery journal isn't working. Is it not suppose to work at the moment? I'm disappointment because. Ive discovered many new things recently but I don't receive my rewards because it says I'm maxed out. Please help me.. Pros: It has a neat concept, graphics are nice and it's an interesting game. I love the fighting element mixed in with the merge part of the game. Cons: Gems. You can never earn enough to open chests unless you buy them with real money. So I end up just selling thr chests. This is the biggest flaw in this game. Workers energy is also low and I wish objects would auto merge when put together. Overall this game could use some work. I'll be uninstalling it as I can't handle the gem issue.. I'm having a blast. Only thing I don't like is the hike in cost for paying for items. Also wish it was easier to collect stones.. Had to factory reset my phone so lost all my apps on the phone, went to redownload and noticed I couldn't find anything anywhere to pickup from where I last ended off... After spending money and only receiving 1/30 days of my loot box and losing it I am not happy at all . Just waisted 10$ and won't be getting that back.... Don't spend money and just plain don't bother..

A quick 2 hour review: the blend of match puzzle and fighting game and keep building is new to me, the automated fights seem like an add in, relying mainly on previous upgrades to the characters to win each battle. The graphics are cute and ungory. Seems like it would take a long time to unlock all the upgrades.. They keep coming out with updates that wipe your progress. Sure, they try to compensate you with a heck ton of gems but that's nowhere near enough to get me back to where I was. They also changed how the game works recently which I don't like at all. It's like they don't know what they want to do with their own game and change everything constantly. Terrible devs.. Pales in comparison with merge dragons. Game lags with long wait times on most progression tied up behind the excessive villager energy recharge timer. Unremoveable boxes fill up your merging area unless you buy Crystal's to open them. It is a pretty game but so slow I will probably delete this off my phone within two says of actual game play. Would much prefer to just redownload their Merge dragons game again.. I love this game. The only thing I have a problem with is that the energy and worker's energy is so SLOW to refill. It's one of those games that I would love to play multiple times a day, yet because of the energy issue, you can only play this game maybe twice a day..

There is a broken image for Elder wood bundle and the is a missing level 0 coin in the tree progress page. Progression has really been throttled. Feathers drop wait times are too long.. After playing for a couple of months I'm noticing some irritating things. The daily reward stars don't update on your level so whenever I accidentally click one I'm getting level 1 food even though most of my farms are level 5. Merging them into something decent takes months which doesn't make sense when I can get the same thing by just waiting for 10 minutes and harvesting a farm. The way the pvp items are stockpiling is annoying. It's just one giant clutter on my island.. it's a simple merge 3 game where you level up your items and player characters. player characters can be involved in 5v5 pvp. irritating thing about the game is you can lose the items you carefully collected coz the sell option sometimes appears above the item when you double tap to harvest. spoils the experience for a otherwise decent game. playable f2p.. the game keeps crashing when i try to open it, this only starts happening when im far into the game.

I really love this game but my game has frozen for almost 2 days! Help!!!! I won't uninstall and install again because I'm sure I will loose all progress!. Good to pass some time, can't play continuously cause after a while you need gems... but entirely possible to play without if enough patience.. I love this game and put money into it but now when I open it it doesn't load. it will bring me to my land but then its frozen. please help. The game is good but after the update, everything is just clutter on the field. It would be good if the objects could be stockpiled, atleast the KEEP objects, or the warrior raw materials..

the emphasis on the character design made me think that leveling them up would make them change appearance- even if only a tiny bit at a time, but it does not. the combat animations are terrible- and the equipment choices make no sense; the barbarian needs wands. Not axes, wands. the map is dysmal; even with the low energy recharge, you can see its end by your second day of playing. the pacing, the animations, the item choices all need a serious revision! They shouldn't be asking for money yet.. ok I now have had 3 devices since I first played this game. the game has no way of transferring your save over so my advice to all is don't spend any money on this game as you will just lose your save when you upgrade your phone or device. otherwise the game is good. it used to be better. you used to be able to buy coin chests for gold rather then gems. gems are rediculessly hard to come by so save them for more important things.. The developers need to leave this game alone. If its not broke, dont fix it. Its so frustrating every time this game gets updated, I hope that they will fix the actual problems that users are complaining about, but instead they add new and useless things that make the game slower and harder to play. Double tapping no longer harvests items, its difficult and glitchy to move around the screen/zoom now, the new harvestable/mergable objects look bad and are difficult to add to the keep.. Update: game freezes on log in Iv played this game since it started and with all these new updates and campaigns plus items.. This has got to be my most favourite mobile app game ever. Shame I had to start my journey again.. But it feels new and exciting again!.

After the latest update, can't harvest. And the whole game lags so bad that I gave up playing within 5 mins. Developer do something about these things.. its fun now it used to be bad and annoying to play about a year ago but they fixed all the problems with it. The app suddenly stopped working, it won't open anymore and I think I just lost 52 or more levels. I restarted the game and the same problem happened again -.-. there is just no game I've been playing for a day and nothing happens it's just a tiny square and the cooldown for the Phoenix tree is soooooo long I have to wait a day before I can do anything I honestly miss the old version and wish it would go back but as there is no game to play I'm uninstalling.

I loved this game. But today, I load it up and all my progress is gone. Why? I was almost level 30, had a lot of heroes and stuff. Now I'm back to level 1 with nothing. What the hell ?!. after a update that reset the game serveral features got disabled and the game has become much more micro aggresive. items to build up farms mins and wells are only for gems now and cant get them from harvesting. has been 2 months too long since dungeons and adventures have been disabled and hero no longer have star skins, game has become much worse and coming soon does not mean coming next year.. third time's the charm. i have played this game since they first brought it out and it is in the third game play change. have to say i like this one the best. But a little annoyed that all my previous work was deleted. Needs another update have stuff saying coming soon but it has been months.. good game but 4 stars for not getting inoff free gems unlocking hero,s is verry hard this way pleace dont make it pay to win.

The game is great, only issue for me would be the time taken to regenerate energy is way too long.. even since max level then game reset back to zero and start again. now game jammed cannot access. reinstall account lost, give up. it was a nice game that i log in everyday to play but now.....goodbye game. I opened the game for the first time in a while and I was greeted with 50k purple things and it made me happy overall good game I think. What a fantastic game. I really like merge games and this is the best one I've played. Job well done! .

if you like Merge Dragons you'll love Merge Kingdom! So much fun and great stress relief! Thank you soooo much for makimng such a good game!!.

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