“Obey Me! Nightbringer is an enthralling mobile RPG that plunges players into a demonic realm. Embrace the role of a Nightbringer, forming pacts with demon companions to battle sinister forces. Dive into action-packed combat, explore mysterious landscapes, unravel captivating narratives, and strengthen bonds with demons to conquer the dark and rise to power.”

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“The Celestial Cache of Ancients bestows upon players of Obey Me! Nightbringer a bountiful array of treasures. Discover rare demon contracts, potent elixirs, exclusive character outfits, and unlock secret quests leading to untold powers. Harness these gifts and unleash your demonic prowess!”

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“Embrace the Enigmatic Coupon of the Abyss in Obey Me! Nightbringer to claim varied rewards! Redeem for bonus crystals, powerful artifacts, demon skill upgrades, and access to hidden realms for thrilling adventures!”

How to Redeem Code for Obey Me! NB Ikemen Otome Game

To redeem a gift code in Obey Me! NB Ikemen Otome Game, follow these steps:

1. Open the game and go to the home screen.
2. Look for the "Options" button in the bottom right corner and tap on it.
3. In the options menu, find the "Gift Code" option and tap on it.
4. Enter your gift code in the provided input box.
5. Tap the "Confirm" button to validate the code.
6. A message will confirm if the code was successfully redeemed, along with the rewards you received. Enjoy!

List of Obey Me! NB Ikemen Otome Game Codes

1. Code: LOVEDEMONS - Unlock a special in-game event where you can spend quality time with all the lovable demons, creating unforgettable memories together!

2. Code: FASHIONISTA - Redeem this code to receive an exclusive set of glamorous outfits, making your character the center of attention at any demon party!

3. Code: DEMONICPOWER - Gain access to a powerful item that allows you to increase your demon's abilities and conquer even the toughest challenges with ease.

4. Code: SWEETDEVOTION - Unlock a heartfelt storyline where you can deepen your bond with your preferred demon, experiencing sweet moments and maybe even finding love!

5. Code: WISHGRANTED - Receive a valuable resource that grants you one free wish, allowing you to obtain rare items or new characters for your collection.

6. Code: MYSTICALREALM - Gain entry to a mysterious realm within the game, filled with hidden treasures and exclusive rewards waiting to be discovered.

7. Code: ANGELICCOMPANION - Receive a special pet companion to accompany you on your adventures, offering valuable support and adding an extra touch of cuteness!

8. Code: CHARMEDTHRONE - Unveil a secret location in the game where you can rule over your own demon kingdom, basking in the glory and luxury fit for a queen!


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