NameOctopus Escape

Casual puzzle game with an isometric view. Octopus Escape is an entertaining, simple puzzle game for Android mobile devices in which you have to go through dozens of levels while controlling a cartoon man.

A vital feature of the game is that the hero, when picking up an octopus creature, gains the ability to control the minds of some people and animals on the level. This will allow you to go through certain parts of the location and get to the exit faster. Each group is a room or series of rooms separated by walls. Each room has some puzzle or multiple puzzles. You need to solve all the puzzles on the level and successfully exit the room, bypassing numerous obstacles and obstacles that will be encountered on the way. A virtual joystick and buttons control the hero.

Octopus Escape MOD

Adds all the tame its annoying when it makes you go on other things what aren't eny think to do with the game its boring after awayol its boring not fun. you didn't even let me Finnish a single level without an aad and you didn't even wait for me to get on the game then literally like 10 seconds later I get an rating. Yup I'm going out to dinner with whatsapp I don't have any of these things are you doing today I think . Could be good but by lvl 33 none of the skins or trail ads power ups work which sucks, so now uninstalled .

Download ( V7.5 )

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