PACIFIC WARSHIPS is a dynamic multiplayer action game where you can engage in massive naval battles aboard giant and public warships—High tech. According to the plot, the action occurs shortly when another conflict breaks out, taking up almost the entire planet. Participate in exciting battles and help end the war with victory!


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PACIFIC WARSHIPS is an addictive naval battle game for Android! Control warships equipped with huge torpedoes and missiles. Prepare your team for exciting online PVP battles. You have an arsenal of weapons, artillery, and warships! Assemble your ships in the seaport and create the best fleet!


Up to 6 players in each team can participate in battles simultaneously, where the balance of power is distributed as evenly as possible. There are four types of naval equipment: the most significant and strategically important aircraft carrier, the Heavy Battleship with its massive armament, the Balanced Interceptor, and the Maneuvering Destroyer.

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As you win battles, you’ll be rewarded with money and experience points that you’ll need to buy higher-level vehicles and improve your ship’s performance. Using all the advantages of modern technology, launch drones into the air, sweep the battlefield, and effectively use the location features. High-quality, detailed in-game graphics and realistic physics create exhilarating battles that fascinate their plausibility.

How to Redeem Code for Pacific Warships: Naval PvP

To redeem a gift code in Pacific Warships: Naval PvP, follow these steps. Firstly, open the game and tap on the "Settings" icon. Then, select the "Promo Code" option. Next, enter your gift code in the provided box and tap on the "Confirm" button. If the code is valid, you will receive your rewards immediately. Make sure to double-check the code for any errors and ensure that it hasn't expired. Enjoy your bonus items and enhance your naval battle experience in Pacific Warships: Naval PvP.

List of Pacific Warships: Naval PvP Codes

1. GFT98763 - Unleash your naval might in Pacific Warships with this gift code. Upgrade your ship, gather a mighty fleet, and dominate PvP battles in this action-packed game.

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4. NAV75321 - Supercharge your naval warfare skills with this gift code for Pacific Warships: Naval PvP. Join forces with players worldwide, master the art of strategic combat, and become the admiral of the high seas.

5. PWG732OD - Unlock the full potential of your fleet with this gift code for Pacific Warships: Naval PvP. Equip your ships with cutting-edge weapons, challenge rivals in real-time battles, and etch your name in naval history.

6. BTL16987 - Command an armada of naval warships with this gift code for Pacific Warships: Naval PvP. Take part in thrilling campaigns, annihilate enemy forces, and claim victory on the treacherous seas.

7. SEA51489 - Dive into the world of naval warfare with this gift code for Pacific Warships: Naval PvP. Customize your ships, engage in breathtaking naval combats, and dominate the Pacific Ocean.

8. VIP87436 - Unlock exclusive perks and rewards with this gift code for Pacific Warships: Naval PvP. Climb the ranks, collect rare ships, and leave your mark as a legendary naval commander.


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