NamePango Stories & Games for kids
ReleaseStudio Pango - Kids Fun preschool learning games

Pango Stories & Games for kids – An exciting toy for children. The most colorful and utterly free pango fairy tale adventure and game for kids.

The game is designed for children from 2 to 5 years old, so it will be interesting for them to go through this adventure to the end. They will receive a wide variety of skills for future school, everyday life, and more. This whole story was created with attention to children, was tested by educators, and received excellent marks. Children will learn along with Pango, join a fun adventure, and learn many new things. Solve the most logical and straightforward tasks, help the heroes move forward, and discover new possibilities. You can fly in a balloon and take care of your friends, animals, and other heroes. More than 20 exciting adventures are waiting for our children, where there are fun opportunities, educational games, and other development options.

Pango Stories & Games for kids MOD

The game was very fun but the games always saying i have to spend my money to get yo the other map and i dont wanna spend my money and is annoying when i see other games say i need to spend money. Safe for kids 2-6 years old until 6 and half and 7 years old free subscription of the toddlers and kids games. Will head over there for that one is a better option than that I see that you are in your room or in the way. 4 invisible foods and trash. Soo many kid didn't know hat they should do? Crazy glitch found. In the police story. 2 wolves locked pango in the trash. I am opened. 3 foods are invisible. When clicking pango. It's shows frowing teeth and makes embrassing sound. It makes my brain expole. When completed. There is 1 wolf standing next to tree and there's invisible cupcake. Pls fix this. This is terrible glitch here . I paid for the subscription but it doesn't register on my kids devices. Only mine. They have their own tablets to play games on..

Pango Stories & Games for kids APK

Why do you think of you and I am a little bit more time to send you the email and Ihd the money . I have bin paying for this game for 3 months I just realized now I just seen that you guys charged me for 8.95 today so I putt the game on for my son and everything is locked and it says I have to pay for it so why am I getting charged for this.. Don't listen to the haters your game is still good but I have to pay for the rest of the stories but I still like it tho. My 3 year old really enjoyed this game, and got the hang of it quickly. She has played it frequently for about 2 months, but is now onto something else. Good game, limited range, but suited to youngsters..

Pango Stories & Games for kids APK

BAD YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR ALL THE GAME YOU ONLY GET 5 FREE GAMES AND THEY ARE ALL BORING DO NOT DOWNLOAD WASTE OF APP SPACE. Today pango love stories and games so the will says between the two worlds says the ghipmunks this time Fox is a girl Busters new classmate name is Penny Parker so Buster's very pleased he can go inside with Penny Parker. You know Penny Parker she's from the Spider-Man into spider-verse.. well good , but not a pocket friendly , you know , not all kids have a extra / wealthy parents , and ya , not all parents "willing" to throw $ for their child app , so , in short , better free ( or at least some more levels , don't be meany to childrens ). Expensive. Did not buy. Deleting. $2.99 PER MONTH or $11.99 annually. Expensive for a child's game. Everything click able needs be in predetermined order and no creativity unlike its other hide and seek apps. 2 stars for 2 free chapters..

Pango Stories & Games for kids APK

Should I play with only 2 of them?! First it was my favourite but you add the games but locked all of them! what is this!? Don't add more if you wanted to lock them.!! . Had to uninstall this from my childs tablet. My child saw this game and after playing it realized that lots of the game was locked, I decided to try the months trial (subscriptions are HORRIBLE, I just want to buy and own an app, not "rent" it). and I found out that the in app purchase system doesnt work at all.. This is not a fun game anymore because all of the story's were free and now you have to pay to unlock all the story's. Tried to pay the subscription on my kid's tablet (LENOVO M7) which is set up with a kid Google account, but I have a message after passing Parental Controls (math operation) saying this has to be installed by the parent under their profile. But if I do this, how will I then share the subscription on my kid's tablet and profile?.

Nice but why i gave 3 beacouse this game is for free when i was in 1 class but im class 2 and its all locked i hate it sago mini game is good but same like this pango kids game but sago mine is good and pango also good but plss don't let to pay . No vehicle for the latter is being made available in voice of any of its customers in voice control or in voice recognition of a new device and the company will be 7PM on a great range with android. I really don't like this game after one day all the games are locked so how I'm supposed to be play only two games are open can you please fix this problem. I tried free games and it didn't work make that four cuz I tried some games and they keep not working this is why I lay leave two stars.

This game is super fun and why PIGGY HAS A BAG FULL OF HEAVY THINGS AND THE BURGER IS THE ONLY NOT HEAVY WHY. Ok im so confused about pango.WHY is pangos voice sound like male voice in pango land and in this one his voice sounds alittle bit female. Why?!. I like how there's so many stories, But I don't like how most of the stories are avalable for only a few days :/. Every time you get a good deal of it you can see improvement in the HOUSE COMMITTEE to make 7'OCLOCK delivery and It will appreciate it as.

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