NameToca Life World
ReleaseToca Boca

Fun educational toy. An excellent and very colorful adventure called Toca Life World. Here you can create your unique world, realize any plot and get in an excellent mood for the whole day.

You will find the only world where everything is interconnected and has unique features. Immerse yourself in a fascinating world, do something unexpected there, and have a blast with your friends. Now you can do much more than before. Play out exciting stories, discover your favorite characters, and find yourself in any location to fully explore this unique world. Go to the ice rink, the beauty salon, dye your hair green, and do something crazy. You will find eight exciting locations, 39 characters, and a vibrant city. A chic shopping center, hairdresser, restaurant, apartment, and much more await you in this game.

Toca Life World MOD

Toca Boca is not bad but literally everything needs money and it can also get a bit boring there are no ads and you don't need WiFi it is very fun with your friends overall it is a good game . When I press buy. Something ot always ask for a password and I try to reset the password still doesn't work. This is so unfair.., because I want to play roleplay but it's lagging like TOCA BOCA is lot of UPDATES!.. and my storage is getting bigger! It's unfair. This game is really fun it let's you be whatever you want to be and you can make your house you can make yourself in the game But you have to pay money if you what more fun but the game is still a lots of fun with money or without money. Gnd va aprea casa noua? Jocul E minunat merita sa bagi macar 5 lei Sunt lucruri frumoase i superbe avei tot respectul meu!.

Toca Life World APK

This is a very good and fun game but there are alot of glitches like when I'm playing my buttons dissapear and I have to press them all again and it freezes when it does that. It also makes all my work gone and I have to redo it all and sometimes it takes me weeks to do all this work last year on Christmas eve I had a roleplay ready for Christmas and I was very happy with it and then it all disappeared and I was heartbroken because I had shops and houses that I built. I hope this was helpful.. I bought a house and it keeps on telling me I have no room when there is nothing in the house.. I love this game I would really recommend it yo eny one but I just don't like the fact that you have to pay to get ur buildings but over all love this game add free as well !. Amazing game but only a 4 because the loding scearn takes forever and when I want to update it when it's done its still the same and MY BUTTONS KEEP DISSAPPEARING over all amazing game if they fix that is definitely would be a 5. I LOVE THIS GAME PS hope that was useful.

Toca Life World APK

This game is nice I guess but one thing that ALWAYS happens when I try to download it. It doesn't let me. I've cleared more than enough phone storage. I've looked up ways. It really sucks. Overall fun game for kids or really anyone. Helps designing skills for kids. Nice offline game. If you want better stuff in the game you do have to spend money. I don't mind but others do. So yeah I give it a three. It just keeps going down lol.................................................................... It's not too bad. But It's not too good too. Bc we have to pay for the house and worlds . But It's good for one thing bc is good for kids bc they are play the game for buill a world. But i love roblox. Ik we have to pay for it too but ppl can see our Avatar .. Amazing but I really wish that there was stuff that is still equally as good as others but free but overall this game is amazing there's no adds not alot of glitch's except a few and my house completely disappearing but it's still a great game. I love this game so much, but I kinda hate how I have all the packs on a different device but not on this one. It really sucks having spent all that money, but I don't get the packs. But overall, this game is actually really good. All the packs are $1-4, but I suggest to by them over a long period of time because they cost a ton when they add up. But this is still one of my favorite games..

Toca Life World APK

This game was my best experience ever because like I never had a game like this before it was the best mysterious before it's because I love the game so much it's like a real life where you can eat and you can drink rogersville games like that I said Roblox Roblox are you going to actually eat drink is not going to sleep change the time and stuff I really love that you can change your clothes like that you can buy clothes you can sell stuff you can't even take stuff like that this will be a goo.. Nice good for kids And I wish it was all free Because sum people can't get it it's so ik spensef So dun. This game is great but I could wish u didn't have to buy everything like im going broke for this game sometimes it can lag NGL but its a game I can enjoy I love it !. Its pretty great I wish u would make a free one for kids who like don't really have money to spend on the game but over all its pretty good I can see my water again.

Well its fun but lots of kids play this and parents don't have the mony to spend on a game of don't want to also i have not been able to open things on the frist tap i have to tap it 10 times please fix that im begging you.. I hate this game and I hate the cartoon style is so f*****vk ugle as f*** hell and I don't know what in a f#@#@@#!@!******* smart men think that this is a good f%#%#%@$@?^#%@ idea I don't like it because I CAN'T GET FREE HOUSES!!!!!!!!!!! I so mad about the f**** ugly game. And I don't care what you SAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Toca boca is ugly.Toca boca is ugly.Toca boca is ugly. ugly ugly UgLy!!!!!! HaHahAHahA I don't like this game.And that's it.And yeah that's that's for now. Cel mai nesimit joc vreodat! Nu ma ateptm s atept att de mult pentru doua free gifturi n care sa se afle 2 psri nenorocire. I love this game but i cant update it Its bc I NEED 1.09 GB AND THEY ARE FORCING MEH TO UNINSTALL ROBLOX! atleast i know my password:).

This game is good but all my gifts are gone if I had my gifts i would have given it 4 stars but I don't have any of my gifts so I give it 2 stars.. I love this game so much because there are many things to do in toca live world and there dress are very beautiful and i have make my own story of the ugly face girl become a beautiful girls. thank you bay bay. ,,. This is an incredible app and a great opportunity for little kids to dig into their imagination thanks for this app however there are some drawbacks. 1. There is this problem where the build menu keeps dissappearing. 2. There is this problem where say i go to the activity house but it wont let me paint a picture, it wont let me fill a cup with water and finally it wont let me draw on the board in the uni. So im sad abt that but yh there is loads of fun things to do and you can do anything Woohoo. It wont let me restore packs that i got on this device to my phone. But other than that i recomend this app..

This game is super fun and addictive I really recommend you downloading it and design,style,and roleplay your own world. The game is good but everything in this game has to be bought with money and everything except a city is bought with money I think not everyone can buy these things when I played this game I really liked it but later I saw that most of the things in this game are bought with money. I don't know why people are saying that it's resetting their houses but it doesn't to it to me I love this app and I can build so many stories with this app Toca Boca is the best. As much as love this game it doesn't save the stuff I buy so if I accidentally delete the game it will delete my purchase and I'll have to rebuy it all and it's just s waste of money and btw I have an android soo.

Nice game it is like you re playing with dolls you can go to other plases and costomise your charecter. This game made my day happy and exiting but if io delete it then il download it again I doesn't download.... Toca boca is a great game!!but I played for 2days and everything has removed and I needed to make it again! ):. This game is a 10/10 apart from the really slow loading screens. I do have over $80 AUD in DLC and a slow tablet though so that might be why it can be laggy..

Its a fun game I can say that but the only one thing i need fixed is when i build a house it resets like for example i put alot of work and details on my house and when im finish i would close my device to do homework or get a snack and take a break the next day when i open the game and check on my house that i was really proud of.. It would reset everything and now im just mad. for the second reason bc i love this game so i recoment having more furneture and avatar option(free stuff btw) =^-^=. Bir paket nerimiz var,eer sizde fikirimizi beenirseniz ltfen bu paketi ekleyin. nerimiz kraliyet paketi iine yeni kraliyet Evi,mobilyalar ve kraliyet kyafetleri koyabilirsiniz.ltfen fikirimizi deerlendirin Ve ayrca oyun ok gzel yklemenizi tavsiye ederiz.. I would say that this game is wonderful. But it's so expensive. You have to pay for everything, basically. I think that you should make some of the new and old things free. Because not everyone can buy these things. Also some of these kids parents won't let them buy anything. So yall should make some of this stuff free. Thank you for reading this, Bye. I hate this app because i restore the app then I can't make my character it said please enter your birth year i try to .but it doesn't work.

I love the game but just like everyone it glitches ever freaking time and please make more free house cause some times it's annoying when it say the store is not available and please I people know that many people play this game so please make the currency to be of different countries and continents like Malawi. I like This game but there's so many glitches in the game that im kinda getting tired of it pls toca life world fix all the glitches . It's very very nice game and i recommend to you guys to play but the main problem is that I wish soon you guys can make it to the multiplayer so we can play with friends . I really like ur game but just a small request:I want the POV gifts because I missed all the gifts. (not forcing).

I love this game so good and creative I have so many characters and I love this game so much. Good game.plenty of activities is sad caus i cant buy the bundles no money so plssss can u make som of the bundles free ofer then that 5 stars all year round.thank you for making this game. It dose sometimes crash though and delete it self of my phone.Other than that.full stars. I love this app but the fact how we have too pay to much and theres some glitches 1.when I take a picture it does not have the avater 2.when I lave the making of the house it pres icon just rondamly disappear and I have to pres it to get it back3. I can't see the water when I take a always reset the world so pls fix it toca but I would recommend this app dont download the fake edit toca they are fake the a copy right of toca. I like this game but I don't like it but I don't like it because almost all the items there have to be paid for..

I can't find my gifts anywhere I reset the game twice when I leave the post office they disappear again I want my giffffttttsss plus the glitches are too much thanks . The game is amazing! Im in love with it but there have been some glitches like the cat chair which was free is not showing anymore in the couch section but it gets pretty bored in the game pls add like optional free houses or more places. Like bro I love this game but today while I was playing it , the game glitched and the post office was empty and I had to reset the game to get the post office back to normal and also the free dog notepad, dog pencil case, watermelon bag, picnic bag etc wasn't there. Please make these things right, Thank you.. This is an awesome app, there are a few glitches, like random resets, and some buttons on the screen of the game dissapearing, overall it is highly recommended from me, but would enjoy this game more if these glitches were removed. :D.

Best but need more nice thing and also more gift and I hope everyone enjoys It too and have a good expiring of every day. Why does it need money to pay for things? , it's a kids game not an adult game :-( please fix it. Thank you.. I love how you can customize your own home but theres a bug becaue when im decorating my home the option becomes invisible and I have to restart the game all over again.Also I hope the creator adds more furniture and allow us to color them, that way our furniture will look colorful and not greyish or black.. Troy right heft is good yuuiii and the most important energy my friend is coming to the most important thing to do with me is that you are so excited for me to come over and the best of you doing that for you and your videos and the best of the experience of everything I love Jesus and the best in the world is good and the most important thing I love you and I am the best in the world especially with the best in my life and I am the most important person in my life e and the experience especiaw.

this is amazing but i don't like the house because it so boring and you can only play the old house. Love this game but it takes really long to load I wish they had more free houses and furniture overall 2nd best game that I've come across (1st is Roblox). I love this experience that I had with Toca Boca you can dress up your characters and style them how you want to. It was fun to have this experience I love this game . it is fun to dress up my characters have fun playing with them .. Know this is the best game ever and i just love just yyayay i played this sens 2021 love this game bye.

For some reason it's not letting me download it and i don't like that and I played this game before on a different modile phone and it's a good game but it's not letting me download it . Pls. Fix it.

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