NameParkour Race

An exciting adventure in the style of parkour. Parkour Race opens up something completely new and exciting for you. Play an interesting game, and compete with other players to become winners in the end. Deal with any opponent, organize real confrontations, and come off on every lap. Will you be the first to reach the finish line, have fun to the fullest, and become the best? The competition is entered by four players who will fight with each other. After passing the circle, one is eliminated, and three remain. Ultimately, there will be only one winner, and it should be you—the craziest parkour, challenging obstacles, and everything that will make you the best. Get more gold coins, participate in bonus levels, and get valuable accessories.

Parkour Race MOD

I love it first I downloaded this game and then I lose this match then I downloaded the mod and play it it was so fun. It is very fun to climb the buildings and run!The most of the fun thing is climbing the building,wires and tower.Please developers add more tower, building and add more maps.Only major problem sometimes glitches happen so that's why we can lose sometimes.In starting of match all player's was in front and I was back please developers change my position and put me front.Developers please change the position and fix it.I still give 5 star because I played the most fun game ever. Good game but please i want the old version because if you tap the new version it just lag and pause like that but this is a good game. This game has a problem that should definitely be fixed. Everytime you tap the screen the game freezes, it's quite annoying because I've played it before so this problem is definitely of recent. (My English is not very good). The game is really fun beside the ad. If their was no ad it would get 5 star only because of the ad I will reduce few star.

Parkour Race APK

This game sucks,When I downloaded it, it did not work everything I play it will just hang without moving the way it supposed to. Plss apdate this game and fix the loading and I play this crashing game kecked me out your game is so crazy. I love it its so much fun but there should be a hard mode difficulty or an endless mode like subway surfers. This is fun even tho is my first time it's still fun I like it doesn't need anything it's fun thx to the owner it he's gravity and others I like it so 5 .

Parkour Race APK

I love this game very much and I know you'll love it too. So amazing, it's just to hold and slide, very easy. THIS GAME FREEZES WHEN I FIRST OPEN NO MATTER HOW I RESTART OR CLEAR THE DATA IT FREEZES AND I ALSO REBOOTED MY DEVICE CAUSE I THOUGHT IT WAS AN ERROR. It is so good you can do a lot of stunts does not use data good for if you are bored and I gave it a five star. Maganda game nato kasinakaka says I to laruing attlaluna Sabata laruin sbata nasi nakaka Enjoy. I to Mara ming ssalamat saaking mung ting Tamara.

Parkour Race APK

I like the game at all but it's kind of fun to me.But I don't remember might think it's not fun but remember things that are fun.They mean you're doh my god it's peace. This is a fun game i like how it is made who ever made this is a a great god. This game was good. Developer of the game l request you please give the update for this game. It is more better, And more people will play this game. If give five stars for this game .. This game is pretty fun and this is the game that's made me fun that I ever seen and I'ma rate this 5 stars because there's no problem of my game play.

I like this game but add some special in this game like new characters and new skills and multiplayer and more plss. This awesome! This game really make noob vs pro vs master. Even though it has ad every time I continue, I gave 4 because every time I continue it has an ad, make a parkour race 2 with every coniy and state and less ads and endless fun and a pause on endless run to quit and save. I've downloaded it,hoping to play this game again,like I've done other times. But guess what,once you tap,it freezes,like that Well done. It's super fun I love it I used to play this game when I was like 9 or 8 and I loved this game but quited it and I didn't remember the name no2 I found this game again and I still love it.

I don't know if it's a glitch but I can't get through the tutorial. When I start the game it instructs me to slide to the side when I do it just freezes and won't play any further. Can you please fix this..

Download ( V1.10.0 )

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