Project Breach CQB FPS is a fast-paced first-person shooter with low poly graphics. Set off to clear locations from enemies using a vast arsenal of weapons and various gadgets. Explore multiple rooms, shoot at opponents, and move on until you eliminate all the enemies.

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Once on the playing field, your main task will be eliminating all the enemies in various places on the map. Explore different rooms and locations and develop your battle tactics depending on the situation. Stealthily approach enemy fighters and quietly eliminate them, or blow up doors with grenades and simultaneously destroy a crowd of enemies.


The game boasts more than ten types of weapons and various unique gadgets, ranging from simple pistols to vectors and stun grenades. Each weapon has its characteristics – speed, damage, the presence of a silencer, and so on. There is also a night vision device. The graphics are low-poly, and the controls are standard – a joystick and various buttons with actions; in addition, there are four difficulty levels.